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What we think is funny. Part 1: Altered Packaging

There’s a reason America’s Funniest Home Videos has been on forever. People like nut shots, kids doing cute stuff, and crazy animals.

But let’s talk about more subtle humor.

One of our favorites is the “Altered Product Packaging”. It can be just for the hell of it, it can be for a prank. All you need is a marker, the sense of humor of a 12-year-old, and products with unfortunate names (ok, sometimes a knife helps the cause as well).

Here’s a fine example:

Glass Plus Slightly Altered for Instant Comedy.

Don’t leave out Grandma.

Here’s a simple one you can do next time you drop the little ones off at grandma’s house. Go in the pantry where grandma keeps her baking stuff, pull out your Sharpie (which everyone should carry), and do this. That’s it. Leave it in the pantry and walk out. She’ll find it some day. Of course this also works at the house of your buddy with the uptight wife.


I’m not safe either.

Pete’s poor junky fishing pole was a victim of this nonsense on his fishing trip. His poor STREAM SEEKER fishing pole…

We’d love to hear other ideas.


  • Tracy

    Hahaha! Funny stuff. Have you ever had that unsulphured molasses, though? It actually does taste like ass.


  • Mel

    There is a great fake Campbells soup can sticker in one of those kids Klutz books. ‘ Cream of Crud’. I had great fun slapping that one a food can and watching the confusion/ hilarity unfold when it was discovered one day when my father pulled it out of the cupboard.


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