July 8, 2011

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Plate that is. Garbage Plate. Pete introduced me to this gastronomical fanfare. Those of you in NY are probably like “yeah, yeah, yeah, garbage plate.” Ever since I had my first plate at Nick Tahou’s Hots, I wondered how something so awesome has escaped me during this lifetime. I’m sure many of you out there … Continue Reading

Taco Eggs

3-minute egg white sandwiches (jerk or taco)

We’re not trying to turn this into some kind of cooking blog, but DAMN I make some good egg sandwiches. They’re made in one pan, they take a few minutes, they are super low-calorie, and they’re damn good. You can get up in the AM and make these for you and your significant other in … Continue Reading

Impromptu Cinnamon Rolls

In case Alton Brown, or Rachel Ray, or Jaime Oliver haven’t burned it into your head yet, here’s a news flash, kids love to cook. Really they just love to make a mess and sprinkle flour around, eat raw dough, and stir things for about 3 seconds, but THEY think it’s cooking. And in some … Continue Reading

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