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Nikko R/C Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition

Disclaimer: the fine folks at Nikko R/C sent us their un-released Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition to try out, so we did. The TLDR version of the post is… The Nikko R/C Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition is good for kids. It’s easy to drive, even for my 4-year-old. The NVLSIDRTBP* version is that this is a … Continue Reading


Color for the Colorblind

So much that I do depends on color. Professionally…personally. I choose colors for my clients’ logos, paint for the wall of our living room and when picking out the perfect color to complete that crayon landscape with my little budding artists. I can’t imagine having that limited. The spectrum offers so much opportunity. To make … Continue Reading

Father’s Day Giveaway – $2,000 Lowe’s Gift Card

You think we’re fooling around? We’re not. Enter below for your chance to win a $2,000.00 Gift Card to Lowe’s Home Improvement. Imagine the look on the cashier’s face when you go in for a beveled ballcock shank washer, total out at the register for like $2.15, and the cashier’s eyes bug out when they … Continue Reading

Pete is Old.

Yup. Pete is old. In fact, today he is another year older. Everyone say Happy Birthday to Pete. I’ve been saying Happy Birthday to Pete for over 3o-something years. We’ve never missed each other’s birthday. Sometimes we’re there in person, others, we’re there in spirit. Two years ago, I came up to see Pete, Emily … Continue Reading

Man-up Mondays by Dockers®

As purveyors of fine pants, and promoters of XY chromosomes everywhere, the peeps at Dockers® partnered with Dadand to “Wear the Pants.” Pete and Marty are gonna Wear the Pants, while you readers win some, or at least get a damn good deal on picking up a pair at dockers.com. So for the next three … Continue Reading

Building Model Boats

I was fascinated with PT-109. The boat. The stories. Infamously chopped in half by a Japanese destroyer while on patrol in the Solomon Islands—and the crew rescued by John F. Kennedy. But mostly, I was mesmerized by the guns and torpedoes. I was seven or eight, and weirdly into war stuff. Maybe not so weird. … Continue Reading

“The Other F Word” Movie

What happens when punk rockers with a “F*** Authority” attitude grow up to be parents? I can tell you it’s a little weird. I had the same attitude, but as soon as I held my newborn daughter in my arms I found myself suddenly wanting rebellion, anti-establishment, and the do-want-you-wanna-do attitude to vanish. At least when … Continue Reading

A dadand Halloween

I don’t dress up for Halloween. One reason is because I’m not 14, another reason is that… well I guess I only need that one reason. Wait, let me qualify that. I don’t normally dress up for Halloween unless I’m dressing up to match my daughter’s costume. So far she was a chicken and I … Continue Reading

I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in.

My jeans have a little hole near the front right pocket where I carry my gear. I’m trying to keep them from reaching the hole-y jeans point of no return. So I decided to write a post on blue jean repair and how to extend the life of your jeans. Part of the problem is that … Continue Reading

Bob Vila and dadand.com

Bob Vila and Dadand

Marty and I have been DIYing in one way or another our whole lives, but it wasn’t until recently that we started writing about it on dadand.com. It’s good thing we did, because we’ve been asked to be featured authors on bobvila.com. We couldn’t be happier. See that right there? That’s me. On Bob Vila’s … Continue Reading

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