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Items for review or giveaways

We’ve already found ourselves knee-deep in reviews and giveaways we’re considering. If you have an awesome product that needs it’s story to be told or something to be reviewed or given away . We’ll send you info about we handle reviews and giveaways. They are not done together, and it ain’t free.


Sure, you can put an ad on the site. OH, you want pricing? .


We’re don’t post a ton of stories. The reason is simple, we’re lazy. WAIT, no, we’re not lazy, we’re BUSY. Honestly. We’re busy with life, busy with work, and quite frankly, our families come first. I’m sure we’d be much more successful if we wrote a post every time our kids did something cute or said something crazy, but a lot of that stuff is private and we really don’t want to exploit our kids like that. We don’t feel the need to post a long letter to our kid on their birthday saying sappy stuff because being crazy in love with your kid is normal, right? We also paint fingernails and braid hair almost daily. We don’t feel the need to blast it all over the internet to get validation.

This is a long-winded way of asking for help.

So now we have a problem. A lot of our posts are about projects or fixes that take a while to complete, glue to dry, engines to rebuild, all that. So we need your help. If you have an idea for us, a problem that needs solving, an auto issue, or an idea for a story you’d like us to tackle .