October 4, 2011

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Best Gift EVER! The Peg Pérego John Deere Gator HPX Review

I know my Julia. She’s a girly girl but she LOVES helping outside, finding bugs, getting dirty, and driving grandpa’s lawnmower. So when birthday time rolled around what could be better than her own set of wheels for grandma and grandpa’s land? I considered a pink 4-wheeler. I considered a pink Barbie jeep. Knowing how … Continue Reading

Child Embarrassment. Do it early and often.

My friend Brad once said “I’ve always believed that the sooner your kids are embarrassed by you, the better. You’ll both be used to it by the teen years.” I think singing along and dancing is the easiest way. The photo above was taken mid-song. Me belting out the Beatles “Birthday” on the way to … Continue Reading

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The power of cuteness

I’m not just a handsome, rugged, smart, talented, and humble guy. I’m also a very sensitive and loving dad. This post has nothing to do with that. This post is about how my daughter tries to use her cute ways to manipulate my mind. I’m REALLY trying NOT to use a Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi … Continue Reading

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My little Paleontologist

Last summer I took Julia to Ithaca, NY to see Laurie Berkner, we only made it about 5 minutes into the show cause: 1) it was around naptime, 2) it was loud, and 3) it started late. ANYWAY, my little Julia is a huge fan of science, dinosaurs, and space. I give 50% credit to … Continue Reading

Egg-dying with direct food color application onto the egg.

The best part of Easter… Colored Eggs

Man, Easter is one of those super-religious holidays. My religious knowledge has, let’s just say… lapsed, but apparently a LOT of stuff happened to Jesus around Easter. There’s lent, which is the day people put ashes on their head and deny themselves things for like a month and constantly tell you what they gave up … Continue Reading

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Crafty bug

Have you ever asked yourself “What do I do with these empty egg cartons?” AND “What kind of craft can I make with my son or daughter?”. Probably not, but you MIGHT have. If you DID you are in SO MUCH luck. This is the oldest trick in the book. I have no idea what … Continue Reading

Make your own fun Wow Wow Wubbzy birthday cake

A few years ago Julia was way into Wow Wow Wubbzy, she thought he was cute and had a funny voice and whatever else kids like about cartoons (her love faded for a year but now she’s BACK into him). ANYWAY, did I mention that the year she was into Wow Wow Wubbzy I made … Continue Reading

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Sugru Hacking A Horse Ear

You might be saying “How do I fix my daughter’s toy horse?”. There could be lots of reasons you’d be saying that. Maybe your kid broke it, maybe you broke it. I’m not saying I DID break it, I’m just saying kid toys are so freaking fragile. Maybe it was sitting on the TV stand … Continue Reading

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Impromptu Cinnamon Rolls

In case Alton Brown, or Rachel Ray, or Jaime Oliver haven’t burned it into your head yet, here’s a news flash, kids love to cook. Really they just love to make a mess and sprinkle flour around, eat raw dough, and stir things for about 3 seconds, but THEY think it’s cooking. And in some … Continue Reading

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