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I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in.

My jeans have a little hole near the front right pocket where I carry my gear. I’m trying to keep them from reaching the hole-y jeans point of no return. So I decided to write a post on blue jean repair and how to extend the life of your jeans.

Repairing JeansMilwaukee Flip Open Utility KnifePart of the problem is that I carry this sexy red (as Emily put it) Milwaukee Flip Open Utility Knife around with me 24/7. Well it’s either that or my Husky Folding Utility Knife, a Sharpie, a pen, and an additional pocket knife. Needless to say, that big thing in my pocket wears out jeans quick, and so does the knife, HOHHHHHHHH (say like Dice Clay). It sits just right so that the corner of it does a number on denim.

Here’s the plan. Get some other denim. Patch the jeans.

Dritz Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding

Fellas, I know how to sew like crazy. My grandma and mom taught me. It’s how I fixed up numerous pieces of clothing, curtains, or jackets I found on the side of the road and wore all through college. But in a simple repair like this you don’t need needle and thread. You only need an iron and the magical stuff called Stitch Witchery.

WHAT? You’ve never heard of Stitch Witchery?

It’s awesome. It’s weird heat-activated fabric glue-type of stuff. It’s perfect for stuff like adding patches to clothes, or making a quick hem on your daughter’s dress or halloween costume. Trust me, get some.

Find some material that matches.

Hmmm, these ought to work. They’re my other daily jeans. Well I work from home so I wear whatever I want.

My hole-y jeans

Cut out a piece that’s bigger than the size you need.

You don’t have to do it while you’re wearing them, but this is, not momand.

Cutting denim fabric

Trim off the frayed edges.

Trim your denim repair patch

Cut your Stitch Witchery into strips that fit the size of your patch. Multiple strips in my case.

Match it all up.

Denim patch and Stitch Witchery

Put a hot iron on it.

Ironing Stitch Witchery

Annnd fixed.

Hole in jeans fixed with Stitch Witchery

So there you have it fellas. Prolong the life of those jeans. The hole is still there but hopefully this will stop the spread of the fraying and the hole from getting any bigger. If you want to go ahead and overpay me now to buy these jeans for like $100 because they have a hole in them feel free to contact me.

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