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A dadand Halloween

I don’t dress up for Halloween. One reason is because I’m not 14, another reason is that… well I guess I only need that one reason. Wait, let me qualify that. I don’t normally dress up for Halloween unless I’m dressing up to match my daughter’s costume.

So far she was a chicken and I was an egg. She was a monkey and I was a banana. She was Cinderella and I was a prince. She was a unicorn and I was a rainbow.

This year I won’t be able to match her because unfortunately I can’t see her on Halloween. It’s complicated and you can have the pity party later because THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT. Because THIS YEAR me and Marty are getting crazy.

We are going for publicity.

Our blog has been steadily climbing the charts, we write for, we’re being in DIY videos, and we have DIYnetwork host followers on twitter, so we’re having some success. Well, not according to babble top 50 dad blogs, but that’s OK because we’re not REALLY as much of a dad blog as we are a DIY blog with some dad stuff mixed in. And they tried to explain that they didn’t have any “group blogs”, only “individual blogs” which I call shenanigans on because they have our buddies on it, and very clearly they are a “group blog”. But I digress.

Oh, back to the topic of publicity. What better way to get publicity and traffic than to leech off of something popular, right? That’s what the other blogs do for traffic. They write a paragraph about Steve Jobs and how he affected their lives then hashtag it #stevejobs. Or they write about Gaddafi? Kadafi? Qaddafi? and try and relate it to their lives and then tweet out provocative tweets. It has nothing to really do with their blog but it gets them traffic, and we think that’s lame-o. OK, let me move on before this becomes a blog-bashing rant (or is it too late?).

OK, so what’s popular?

First we tried out being something popular from the past. Something the ladies would go crazy over, especailly since being a manly DIY blog our main audience is ladies, what? We’ve only been around about 6 months, so we’re new kids on the block, so to speak.


Meh, we’d have to find other guys as handsome as us to be the other guys, so that’s out.

Let’s move on to controversy.

That gets traffic right? We thought maybe one of us would quit, have a big scandal, talk about tiger blood and WINNING and then get replaced.


But that show jumped the shark, right? And we’d have to find a kid to be part of it.

We are RISING, not declining.

So, we decided we COULD go after something funny AND gaining popularity…


But why bother going for solely the TV actor angle. Why not go after something that is the best of all worlds. Someone that everyone loves. Why not combine blogging, acting, and being funny? Something gaining incredible popularity. Something with nice guys rather than swearing, boozing phonies? And someone other bloggers would recognize for the mysterious Halloween party that I created in my head that consists of bloggers only?

I present to you Marlie and Pandy from How to be a DIYer.


OK, time to watch twitter EXPLODE and our server to crash. Bring it.

p.s. we stole that image from Charlie and Andy at without their permission. If people from Argentina can do it then so can we.


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