September 3, 2014

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How to Refinish/Waterproof your Deck

Come on, today’s the day. Get your sorry butt outside and waterproof that deck. Refinishing a deck is one of the most gratifying ways to spend a Saturday. Using the right cleaners and waterproofers you can take that deck from Sahara to Sa-weet in a single day. This is what I’m dealing with. It’s been a year or two since my deck … Continue Reading

Deck Nails vs Deck Screws

If you’re building your own deck you’ll find there are a ton of ways to fasten down the decking. You can go high-end and use hidden fasteners, you can go middle-of-the-road and go with screws, and you can go low-end and use nails. I’m going to go ahead and right off the bat tell you … Continue Reading

A small deck within a planting bed.

Dead Plant = Deck, Part 2

I had been itching all week to work on this thing, one, to get the stuff out of my front yard, and two, I had to look at it every night this week when I came home from work and just wanted it done. This week gave me some time for the PT to dry … Continue Reading

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The Front of Marty's House

Dead plants = Deck

So a few years ago I loaded up the planting bed in the front of my house with all kinds of awesome tropical plants. Bird of paradise, some pineapples, and an alien-looking thing with a huge yellow flower right out of little shop of horrors. Well, this winter we had some hard freezes, and it … Continue Reading

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