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A box full of Turtle Wax schwag!

Mow on…Wax off

Last Saturday I was trying to decide whether I’d wash the cars or mow the lawn.

Well, with rain for like 5 days straight, the lawn was clearly the winner in fighting for my attention.

So I mowed. It sucked. Man Florida is hot.

But I’m glad I did. When I got the done, the lawn looked better…and the FedEx guy pulled up with this:

A box full of Turtle Wax schwag!

If I had detailed the cars, I wouldn’t have gotten to use all this new stuff from Turtle Wax.

So, I’m skipping the lawn next time and waxing the cars.

Here’s a brief rundown of the goodies:

Turtle Wax Black Box

Looks like this little box of goodness is fine-tuned for black paint using pigment in some of the products. There’s a cleaner wax, black carnauba wax, two bottles of spray detailer and two wax applicators. My only black car is finished in a flat paint, so I won’t be waxing it. But my bike is partially black, so maybe I’ll try it on there.

Ice Total Interior Care

This I can use right away. Remember I mentioned how hot it is here? Well, that does a number on your dash and interior. So I’ll give this a rundown inside. They say it has good UV protection and won’t leave everything all greasy. It even says it takes out stains. Sounds perfect for the…uhhh…minivan.

Ice Synthetic Spray Wax

I haven’t tried any of the spray waxes yet, let alone “synthetic” ones. Turtle Wax says this can be used on all surfaces and is a blend of synthetic and carnauba waxes. Sounds good to me, spray on, wipe off…and you don’t necessarily have to do it in the shade.

Although I will be. In the shade. Hot. Remember?

HI, Pete here. I just used some some of the Ice Total Interior Care and the Spray Wax on my motorcycle to get it ready to go up for sale and it really worked wonders. NO I didn’t take photos cause blogging isn’t always on my mind, but the spray on, wipe off wax did an amazing job.

Headlight Lens Restorer

Anyone read my headlight polishing post? Well, this seems a little more comprehensive – a kit with polishing compound, 3-stage restoration pads (wet-sanding I assume) and some protective wipes that keep them from yellowing after you’ve done all that hard work to get them looking good.

I’ll probably do the lenses on my car again, as they are already starting to fog up after only…what…a few months?

Well, they also sent an awesome t-shirt, and some inflatable Turtle Wax turtles. Like a bunch of the inflatables. The kids went nuts. And since it was so hot, we went swimming after, with the inflatables.

Dadand's very own twins try out the inflatable toys

The kids broke out the inflatable toys right away.

So stay tuned and I’ll follow up on these cool products very soon. Thanks Turtle Wax!


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