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The AlumaWallet™ gets some DIY love.

My little Julia got me an AlumaWallet for Father’s Day. It was super cute. Of course it was because she was susceptible to the infomercial on during Saturday morning cartoons, and she memorized it, and cutest of all, she saw it and thought I’d like it. My heart melted. But let me tell you one thing, believe it or not, it’s NOT indestructible, or even “nearly indestructible” (it says both on their homepage).

You know the AlumaWallet, it’s this thing:

Of course within about a week the aluminum clamshell coverings had worked themselves loose of the double-sided tape. Julia was immediately upset cause she thought it WAS indestructible. She said, “Daddy, you can fix it, I know you can”. It’s cute that she has this confidence, but could anyone else in the world have done this repair? Yes. Even you.

The double-sided tape and the outer clamshell came loose.


She was right, I CAN fix it so I didn’t really care, cause remember, I’m addicted to glue, and that means it was time to pull out an old stand-by, my E-6000.

MAN, I WISH I had a wall of glue like that, but I digress.

So anyway, easy fix. Slather on the E-6000.


Clamp overnight with your Irwin Quick-Grip clamps.


VOILA! Totally fixed, secure, and clamp-dented AlumaWallet.


Darn, that really is dented. It’s partially from the clamps and partially from me sometimes sitting on the corner of stuff. I’d love to see what a car running over it (like in the commercial) would REALLY do to it.


Julia loves holding it and looking at it since she saw it on TV and now she HAS it and it’s kind of magical to her. The best part of this wallet is that since it was a gift from her, she gets a big smile when she sees me use it and the other day she asked if I used it all the time or just on special occasions, ha. I told her it’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten and I’ll use it forever.

It doesn’t hold all the stuff they say it does, the little clasp is kinda weak and it pops open in your hand, and it obviously is all dented up, but of course I’m dorky and I really do kind of like it.

Thank you J.


  • Marty

    That wallet is awesome. And advertising is so dishonest. That makes us dishonest. Anyway, that stupid direct response TV really works at least from a brand perspective as we saw a display in Wal-Mart the other day for Aluma Wallet and Forrest was like “Dad you need to get one of those cause a car can run over it and it wont hurt your money.”


  • Ellen

    Ha-Ha. E6000 is a mom’s secret too! I used it for years to glue crystals to my daughter’s figure skating dresses. It’s a terrific product because it’s a stretchy bond that can absorb movement and pull without losing adherence.


    • Pete Fazio

      E-6000 is the best but I hate how the tube can get little cracks in it and then every time you squeeze it you get little blobs of glue oozing out all of the little holes that happen over time. It’s almost better to buy small tubes of it.


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