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Kobalt 24V MAX brushless cordless power tools

Kobalt 24v Max Brushless Cordless Power Tools

This is getting ridiculous. We keep writing about Kobalt tools. This time it’s because we went to Las Vegas to cover the product launch event for the new line of Kobalt 24-volt Brushless Tools. If we had to describe them in one word, it would be “DOPE”!

Let’s talk about the tools.

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Line of ToolsKobalt has created a whole new cordless line of 24-volt brushless tools that will launch in June 2016. This line will replace the 20V line that has less run time, less power, and brushed motors. It’s really aimed at the handyman/contractor rather than a DIY enthusiast but it will serve both markets well. We don’t know prices yet, but we did get our hands on all of the tools to test and they were all quite impressive. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Kobalt 24V Max Brushless Line of Tools


What do they have in common?

  • Battery and Charger. They all come with a 24V Max battery that fully charges in less than 30 minutes and a charger to go with it.
  • Brushless Motors. Without getting into great detail, brushless motors are more efficient and don’t wear out as fast. Marty can probably explain it better than I can, ask him.
  • Finish Feature OK, not all of them have a finish feature. But the drivers do, see what the Finish Feature is all about »


Finish Feature

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Finish FeatureThe finish feature is a great addition to the impact drivers. It’s virtually an instant brake that stops the drill the instant that the driver feels resistance. It’s perfect for situations where you don’t want to over-tighten a screw in soft wood, or drive a screw THROUGH drywall, or even over tighten a clamp on a pipe.

Here it is in action:




Kobalt 24V Max Brushless Circular Saw

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Circular Saw

The circular saw was easily the most impressive tool of the bunch, so let’s start with it. Every other cordless circular saw I’ve used bogs down, a LOT. Not this baby, it has awesome power, speed (5400RPM), and depth of cut (7.25-inches). It bevels up to 50-degrees and is very lightweight. Don’t believe me? Here it is ripping through 3 3/4 inch pieces of plywood. That’s 2.25 inches of plywood effortlessly. It also has a claim of being able to make 307 2×4 cuts before needing a charge.



Kobalt 24V Max Brushless 3/8-inch Impact Wrench

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless 3/8 inch Impact Wrench

This was a tool we were excited to see, a new impact wrench (3/8″ and 1/2″). It has a ton of torque (150 ft-lb), 3 speed settings (0-150, 0-1400, 0-2300RPM), an LED work light, and variable speed trigger. It was cranking in 4-inch deck bolts through a 2×6 into a 4×4 post, full depth over and over no problem. We had the wood smoking. It also has the finish feature option for finesse jobs that you don’t want to CRUSH pipes or over-torque bolts. I should mention that it also has an LED work light, which is kind of table stakes now-a-days.



Kobalt 24V Max Brushless 1/2-inch Impact Wrench

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless 1/2 inch Impact Wrench

The 1/2-inch version of the impact wrench is just what we’ve been waiting for. Variable speed up to 1900RPM, 650 ft-lb of torque, and 2400 impacts per minute. Pa-POW. Take that, lug nuts. We even spotted this and it’s brother, the 3/8 impact wrench and some impact drivers in Jimmie Johnson’s pit garage. SO yes, they are real and powerful enough for a pit crew to use in the garage.



Kobalt 24V Max Brushless Drill Driver

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Drill Driver

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Drill DriverUsually my least used tool in the toolbox is my drill. But this thing was AWESOME. It’s like every other cordless drill you’ve ever used, except more powerful, longer lasting, and better. For you tool nerds, it has 650 in-lb of torque and 2 speeds: 0-550RPM and 0-2000RPMand a HANDLE, for when you’re really horking down on the thing.

I was boring through 4×4 posts with a 1-1/4″ bit no problem. It can bore 159 1-1/4″ holes or drive 1771 1-1/4″ screws on one charge.





Kobalt 24V Max Brushless Impact Driver

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Impact Driver

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Impact DriverMMMMM. This is my MOST used tool in the tool box. The impact driver. And to now have a 24v brushless version has me STOKED. It has a variable speed trigger, 3 speed settings (0-850, 0-2000, and 0-2700), 1/4″ quick-release collet, 1800 in-lb of torque, and 3,500 impacts per minute. Of course it has an LED light, why would you even ask that.

They say it can drive 1639 1-5/8″ deck screws.That’s like building an entire deck on one charge. We were powering screws into everything from drywall to 1/4-inch steel plates no problem. And the finish feature gives you finesse. This is the tool I was using in the “finish feature” example above.



Kobalt 24V Max Brushless Reciprocating Saw

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw was pretty cool. It felt really good in my hands and was nicely balanced. Since it was brand new the  quick-release and adjustment levers were simple to use, even wearing gloves. It’s variable speed (0-3100 strokes per minute), has a manual trigger lock, and has a 1-1/8″ stroke length. It was a beefy beast and went through every stud, copper pipe, steel pipe, PVC pipe, and nail we attacked like it was butter.



Kobalt 24V Max Brushless LED Worklight

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless LED Worklight

Not too many details on the work light. It’s 200 lumens and the head rotates 135-degrees.



Kobalt 24V Max Brushless Combo Kits?

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Combo Kits

We saw hints that there will be combo kits available. We’re not sure of pricing or if this is even real. But there are always combo kits.


SO. Did they pass the Pete & Marty test?

I’m not even going to consult Marty on this and go ahead and give the tools a thumbs up.

Look for them in June 2016.



  • veva montgomery

    I have a new 40v max lithinm-ionTrimmer, and love the way it cuts, But I’m short. is there anyway I can shorting the pole it’s on. I have moved the front handle, still to long. Don’t want to take back. Hope you can help.


    • Pete

      Oh, no. It doesn’t have an adjustable pole so you’re stuck half-bending your arms the whole time. I think you’re going to have to either stretch your legs or shorten your arms.


  • gerry

    where can I buy the 24v brushless impact driver in Ontario canada


  • Garry

    I keep harping on battery life because no one ever seems to mention it. I’m sure these tools are awesome, but I’ve had several tools that require a new $100 battery every few months. Any idea how the Kobalt batteries hold up?



    • HD TECH

      I am a Harley Technician. I’ve used my 1/4 inch impact driver for over 3 years now, just rotating two batteries on and off the charger when it dies. obviously depending on how busy we are in the shop, the time a battery lasts may vary. BUT, so far, WORKING ON MOTORCYCLES, I have been very impressed and not let down.


  • ranthepartsman

    Hello Gary,

    I have this set, and the run-time is unbelievable!
    It just goes and goes, due to the brushless motors.
    The batteries charge up quickly, AND are dirt cheap!
    They range from $20 for the smallest one, up to $80 for a 5.0 ah battery. There’s a 4.0 ah battery for about $50 too. All batteries come with a 3 year warranty. I also found a compact 1/2 impact driver for $150 too !


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