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2016 Father's Day gift Guide from Dad blog

2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide – Gifts for Dad

It was the summer of 1985. I was working with my dad to enclose our porch and make a “Florida Room” as they call it here. I learned to properly use a hammer and what a king stud is. It was glorious. Probably the only time we did something like that together. On the last day of building together, I wanted to leave to go to a movie with a girl. I was afraid to ask my Dad ‘cause…you know…we were doing this thing together.

Well, the movie was Back to the Future, the girl was named Bridget, and my Dad ended up giving us a ride.

Thanks Dad, but in hindsight I wish I would have just skipped the movie and spent rest of the day with you.

Here’s a list of stuff that I know you’d like:

Fiskars IsoCore Hammers

The Fiskars IsoCore Hammer is a great dad gift.

The Fiskars IsoCore Hammer is a great dad gift.

I always said “Fiskars” like I say “Whiskers.” Well, I learned that it is pronounced “Fis-Cars.” You don’t care about that though. You care that they make great scissors—you know…the ones you hide from the rest of the family so only you can use them. And you can always find them. Because orange.

Anyway, we love Fiskars. I already mentioned scissors. But Dadand employs plenty of their garden tools like loppers and pruning shears. So why wouldn’t they build a better hammer? From a grippy handle to some shock absorbing science-y design (IsoCore) that is better on your body, the new Fiskars IsoCore hammers are rad.

IsoCore Hammer: About $50

IsoCore Club Hammer:  About $45

Get some Fiskars.

Father's day gift box for dad from

A beer gift box from has snacks, a cookie, and of course, beer.

So here’s a no-brainer for most Dads. Gift boxes with beer-themed snacks, some beers and maybe a surprise or two thrown in. (I got one with a cookie in it.) They have brand-specific baskets, like Fat Tire, or take a drinking trip around the world with the…well…”Around the World” gift basket. We thought the Beer Cap Maps would look great on the wall and give Dad something to strive for. Challenge accepted.

Price Varies

Give the gift of beer…stuff.

Kobalt 24V Brushless Cordless Tools

Kobalt 24v MAX Brushless Combo Kits

Combo kits from Kobalt.

Yeah you know we love Kobalt tools. So much that one guy questioned whether our Facebook page was just a big ad for Lowe’s. Dadand don’t care. We’ve built a ton of stuff this year using our Kobalt tools and we want to show them off.

Pete recapped them here, but we want to tell you this stuff is in stores and online now. From a brushless drill and impact driver to the most awesome cordless circular saw we’ve ever laid hands on, the new line of 24V tool has just about any task covered.

So for Dad, we’d suggest once of the Combo kits—including the drill/driver, the impact driver, the charger and a 2.0-Ah Li-ion battery.

Combo Kit: About $230

And we just learned, right now you can get the 2.0-Ah Li-ion batteries for $20 each. $20!!!!! (the 4.0-Ah batteries are only $50.)

Get Kobalt at Lowes.

Bella Griddle and Coffee Maker

Father's Day gift guide coffee maker from Bella uses k-cups or coffee grounds.

While you’re making some pancakes for the kids, make yourself a cup of joe with this Bella Coffee Maker.

“Really? You guys are telling me that a griddle and/or coffee maker is a good Dad gift?”

Yes. You bet your pancakes we are.

And no it’s not like getting mom a vacuum on Mother’s Day.

You see in my house, I am the breakfast master. Pancake professional. Egg-sandwich extraordinaire.

The kids look forward to eating and I look forward to an easy clean up.

I picked up this Bella Griddle about a 6-months ago because it has this non-stick ceramic coating, and I can dunk the entire thing in water to clean it up. Oh, and the 10.5”x20” surface lets me make a few monster truck-shaped pancakes at the same time I fry an egg.

While stuff’s griddlin’, I’m making a cup of coffee using the Bella Dual-Brew single serve coffee maker. Get the fresh, one cup brewing convenience using either a K-Cup capsule or coffee grounds in their reusable filter.

Griddle: About $50

Coffee Maker: About $70

Get more info at Bella.

Porter-Cable Compressor

Dad gifts tools air compressor from Porter-Cable at Lowe's

Speaking of pancakes…here’s a little pancake compressor from Porter-Cable that delivers long runtimes with up to 150psi. It’s got an oil-free pump so there’s no maintenance and the motor starts up really easy—even in cold weather or on an extension cord. I know, because this little compressor kept up with my framing nailer last weekend when building my new shed out back.

Get an air compressor for dad.

Shop-Vac 12-Gallon Shop Vacuum

dad gifts from dad blog shop vac

6HP 12 Gallon Shop-Vac.

How about 12 gallons and 6 HP of suck in a stainless steel package. This is like garage jewelry for Dad. It looks good, it works good, and plus, it’ll be in a really big box—which is impressive.  And you can’t go wrong with the Shop-Vac brand.

Make Father’s Day suck.

If you are a soon-to-be father, check out some tech stuff Pete likes here.

Happy Father’s Day!

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