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Addicted to glue

Ever drawn to something totally ridiculous? Have some kind of strange addiction? Me too. It’s glues, bonding agents, etc. It didn’t really hit me until I happened to be in Michaels craft store. I walked down the glue aisle and I was like daaaaaamn I want a wall like this at my house, in my shop, in the basement, somewhere. How bad ass would it be to have some kind of adhesive for any occasion?

Glue display at Michaels Craft store

A couple favorites


One day on a trip to a fabric store, armed with a coupon (YES, dudes can still be punk rock and go to fabric stores and use coupons) I decided to buy something I saw called E-6000. How COULDN’T I buy something called E-6000? (Hey marketing people, I don’t fall for much, but one thing I DO fall for is some kind of number as the name of a product, WD-40, Formula 409, Slick-50 Advanced Formula Engine Treatment, stuff like that.)

E-6000 is pretty awesome. It’s strong, remains flexible, and bonds to pretty much everything, so it’s good for stuff that needs to stay flexible, like sneakers, but it works for anything. My girl just used it to fix some IKEA drawers that were messed up. (She knows what she’s doing, but personally, I would’ve used Gorilla Glue, which leads me to my next topic).

Gorilla Glue

I think everyone has heard of Gorilla Glue. It’s super damn tough. What I love about it is how it expands a little bit and is sandable and paintable. The fact that it expands makes it good for fixing things where there may be peg that goes into a hole (like chairs legs or bar stools), or a thing that goes into another thing (like fixing dresser drawers). One of my latest favorite uses is for helping fix squeaky floorboards from underneath. That’s another post, but in a nutshell you put some glue on a shim or on a hunk of 2×4 and push it up under the squeaky part of the floor and screw it in. Sometimes the expansion is enough to quiet a squeak. (I’m not Mike Holmes, I band-aid stuff rather than building an entire new house).

My 2 favorites. Gorilla Glue and E-6000


  • Tina

    My boys are 4.5 and they LOVE to glue stuff together! One I’m pretty sure has tasted it! Boys will be boys!


    • Pete Fazio

      Mmmm, glue. Every kid has eaten glue at some point right? Or Play-Doh, or Silly Putty, or crayons, or dirt. Toughens them up.


  • Tina

    Hey Pete! HAHA, not I, on all of the above! Def smelled some glue in my past but that’s about as far as it got;) Yes, one has tasted all of the above and even manages to lick the walls while walking through the halls of pre-k! YUCK! And yes, he’s by far, tough as nails!


  • Chris

    Hey, just wanted to say that it makes me feel less strange to know there is someone else out there like me who has what could be considered an obsession with adhesives.


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