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Dad Gifts: Shop Stuffers. (Or really big stocking stuffers for Dad.)

Well, not only for dad. I think plenty of moms would love this stuff too. Or people with big stockings.

Here’s a smattering of stuff you could put next to the stocking if not in it.

Some new and cool tools. Some ol’ faithful friends.  An unofficial official Christmas tool guide if you will…

Either way, make a dad or mom happy with one of these tools this year.

Husky dad tool gift

Husky Organizer

Husky 22 in. Cantilever Plastic Organizer with Metal Latches

How can you go wrong with a brand named “Husky”? This awesome organizer could hold thousands of little pink jewelry-making beads and still look manly. But I use mine for screws. Take it to your project, and no more running back to the tool shed for the ripped-open 5lb. cardboard box of screws you accidentally spill in the grass while running back to the fence to make sure noone walks off with your impact drill you left laying on the ground. Ask me how I know.

Cost: $29.97

Get one.

pocket hole jig gift for DIY

Kreg Toolboxx™

The Kreg Toolboxx™ Complete System

Awww, join some stuff up like the pros with this Kreg Jig set. At least it makes you feel like a master carpenter with hundreds of ways to make pocket holes. With like 800 screws, you’d be making a lot of cabinets or picture frames. And how can you not like that it comes in an awesome case to keep it all organized?

Cost: $219.99
(but so worth it)

[amazon_link id=”B005HTE1DQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] Buy this for dad or mom.[/amazon_link]
present for dad inspection camera

Harbor Freight Inspection Camera

Digital Inspection Camera

Got a raccoon in the ceiling and you don’t want to rip all the drywall out to find out how they ruined your home until you know for sure where they pooped? Huh? Yeah, get one of these inspection cameras. Half the price of competitors on the market (and even cheaper with some Harbor Freight coupons), this recent-addition to the Dadand tool shed works awesome and even has a video line-out so you can share the disgusting images with your family on the big screen.

Cost: $89.99
(I got it on sale for $69, plus a 20% off coupon – total: $55.20)

Inspect gifts before you open them and get one.

rechargable flashlight gift for dad

LED Flashlight

12V LED Cigarette Lighter Rechargeable Flashlight

I often find myself going to the Dadand shop late at night. And the light switch is located between the paint booth and my toolbox, behind the camper, to the right. At least that’s the mental image I have in my head as I would blindly navigate in the darkness, banging my shins on crap I left laying on the shop floor.

Light your way to a late-night project with this cig lighter flashlight. It’s always in the car, ready to go. And because my vehicle is mostly off-limits to the kids, that means I always have at least one flashlight.

Cost: $5.95
(Home Depot has similar in stock for about same price)

[amazon_link id=”B005G4HRTM” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Light up Christmas morning with this tool.[/amazon_link]
Gift guide for dads bosch jigsaw

Bosch Jigsaw

Bosch 1590EVSL 120-Volt Top Handle Jigsaw Kit

I preached the gospel of all things Bosch in my recent Minimal Monday post, but here’s the real deal when you gotta cut things with curves. If you want to buy only one jigsaw in your lifetime, and want the blades to actually stay in the saw when cutting, get this Bosch 1590EVSL. And be the envy of that suspender-wearing old guy down the street with the plywood gnomes and bent-over-old-lady-gardening things in his yard.

Cost: $167.99

[amazon_link id=”B004323NO6″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] Get one.[/amazon_link]
lockpicking set for dad or DIY gift

14 pc. Lockpicking Set

Fourteen Piece Lock Pick Set – PXS-14

Earn that Y chomosome by “picking” up a skill only the manliest of men, or secret agents, possess. Hey, we think this is one of those renaissance-man, lost-art-type of skills that you can impress people with, and sometimes actually help someone that got locked out. This comes with a little book that had me picking padlocks in about 10 minutes. Really.

Cost: $23.95

[amazon_link id=”B0069Y7ZAE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Pick an awesome tool for a holiday gift.[/amazon_link]
leatherman tool is a good gift for father

Leatherman Juice S2

Leatherman Juice S2 Pocket Multi-Tool, Flame Orange

My days as a scout told me to be prepared. And this is how I live it almost every day. My Leatherman Juice S2 has me doing everything from opening boxes to tightening screws on-the-fly at a moment’s notice. Hell, I’ve even tightened the belts on my old beat-up Trooper while broken-down on the side of Interstate 4 during rush-hour traffic with it.

Cost: $39.75

[amazon_link id=”B0007UQ16U” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Be prepared with a dad gift for Christmas.[/amazon_link]
Automotive Code reader father gift

Innova 3130 Code Reader

Equus 3130 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner

We love gadgets. And since we tinker with our cars here all the time, I had to get a code reader. I immediately dismissed the “simple” code readers and got one that offered cool graphs of live data in real time. Put on your Dickies jumpsuit, go out into the driveway and plug it into your 1996 or newer ODBII (and CAN) port and find out you gotta buy another oxygen sensor—then look superior at the parts counter. You can plug it into your pc for analyzing the data later, once you figure out what all that stuff means. For the meantime, I can make the check engine light my bitch.

Cost: $127.54

[amazon_link id=”B000KID31K” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Scan the perfect dad gift.[/amazon_link]
Dad blog gift guide battery tender

Battery Tender

Battery Tender Plus 12V Battery Charger

Pete’s got a Harley. I got a hot rod. Unless you drive ‘em everyday, I’ll bet they do some time in the garage—all lonely and stuff. Well, make sure they start up every time with a Battery Tender. This model works for almost all battery types, even the AGM and gel cells, and has 4 modes of charging ensuring you don’t blow that sucker up. They’ve got quite a few versions, so if you have Ruckus scooter or a stable of Ferraris (think charging five at a time), then there’s a tender for you. A ten-year warranty and the fact they are made just minutes from my house makes it even cooler.

Cost: $42.79

[amazon_link id=”B00068XCQU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Give dad a charge for Christmas.[/amazon_link]

A little something for us?

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So that’s another installment of the Dadand Holiday Tool Gift Guide. I think we have one more up our sleeves, so stay tuned.

Dadand wasn’t compensated for this post other than the satisfaction of helping you buy and enjoy a tool that will do its job very well for a long time. We will however, make like $0.000000001 if you click on one of the Amazon affiliate links above and buy these awesome tools.


  • Romy

    thanks for the list! I just ordered 3 of the flashlights for stocking stuffers. What a great idea!


  • Romy

    Hi! Where did you get the coupon for the inspect your wall thing? Harbor Freight? Is there a code? My husband was drooling…


    • Marty

      Romy, Harbor Freight constantly runs sale inserts in our local paper here that have a 20% off coupon. Also, many national magazines have a HF ad with the same 20% off coupon, mostly automotive mags, like Street Rodder, Hot Rod…I know “someone” that would browse the mag rack, find a HF ad, and the page would mysteriously fall out of the magazine. Rather than litter, I…err, that “someone” would pick up the ad and put it to good use.


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