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Sugru is very science-y, indeed.

Everyone should go online and buy sugru now.

There, I said it. Everyone has something that needs it, whether you realize it or not. It’s like a modeling clay that cures into a sturdy but flexible silicone overnight.

I’ve used sugru for lots of things, fixing toys, fixing broken sunglasses, fixing apple products, cords, and making hooks to hang oven mitts. Maybe there’s something else out there that’s like sugru, I don’t know. What I do know is I like their style. I like how the inventor, Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh (yeah, I’m not sure how to say it, I just say Jane), markets it. I like her website. I like how she connects with the public. I like how she sends real hand-written notes to me when I send her something cool. I think sugru is one of the few products I’m an evangelist for (oh MAN saying “evangelist” makes me CRINGE).

I’m not sure what else i can say about it to convince you to buy some (I’m unpaid and unsponsored, I just think it’s awesome), but check out the properties of sugru.

Sugru’s properties (from

Cures at room temperature
sugru is like modeling clay when you take it from its pack. Once it’s exposed to air, it cures to a tough flexible silicone overnight using the moisture in the air. Working time = 30 mins. Cure time = 24hrs (3-5 mm deep)

sugru is designed to stick to as many other materials as possible. It forms a strong bond to aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass and other materials including plastics like perspex. Read more on our instructions page

Loves a bit of heat (or cold)
sugru is resistant from -60 °C to + 180 °C. It gets hot and cold but it won’t get softer or harder or melt.

sugru is silicone, so it’s completely waterproof and durable outdoors. It’s easy to clean with soap and water, oh and it’s fine with sea water too!

When sugru cures, it’s flexible rather than rigid. Which means that you can repair things that need to be able to move like textiles, cables, or shoes.

Once it’s cured, sugru is pretty much like other silicones – durable in the harsh soapy conditions of your washing machine and dishwasher.

Here’s a couple things that my girl and I have done with sugru, WAAAAAAY more to come:

  • sugru sturdies up an iPhone cord
  • sugru keeps the corner of a dog gate from ripping up the car's ceiling.
  • sugru customized glasses for better folding and helmet fit.
  • sugru hook for hanging an oven mitt.
  • sugru artistic magnet with leftover sugru.
  • sugru feet on a DIY driftwood centerpiece
  • new cushy sugru pad on old tripod
  • sugru fixes a fairy horse toy broken ear

More sugru projects.

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