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Need a gas mask? They had child and adult sizes.

You don’t have Skycraft.

You don’t have Skycraft, but you wish you did.

Do you need a toggle switch with one of those red safety covers like they use when they launch rockets?

Or how about an actual surplus rocket?

You need Skycraft Parts & Surplus.


That's one of a number of missles hanging from the rafters. Sorry about the blurry lens had a smudge on it.

I’ve been in Orlando for almost 35 years, and I think this place has been here longer. It’s only about a mile from my house, and they have just about anything you could need when the home center associate asks “now what are you tryin’ to do again?”

There’s a big alien spaceship on the outside of the building, flanked by some surplus missles. Yeah, like real missles. Like the VFW posts have on display.

With my background in audio, automotive, blah, blah…Skycraft has been my go to for some weird part that is required to finish building the whatever it is.

2 farad 16v polarized capacitor? Yup.

Chunk of aluminum for mounting something? Yup.

4 green LEDs, a 560 ohm resistor, a ¾” Teflon washer and 23 feet of 18 gauge solid core copper wire? Yup, yup, yup and how many feet again?

Skycraft buys up surplus stuff. And you can tell that a guy pulled up with a trailer full of whatever, they bought it, disassembled every piece of it and organized the parts neatly into a million bins for me to buy.

Skycraft is all awesome.

Bins and bins and bins. Here's some inductors (chokes).

On any given day, you’ll find engineers, bikers, rocket scientists, moms, makers, old guys and just plain geeks bumping elbows to find the right screw, wire, stepper motor or gas mask they need to finish the project.

I was there recently to pick up some parts to turn an old ATX computer power supply into a 12 volt power source for my test bench, for checking electronic equipment (like stereos, gauges, and other car parts – look for an upcoming post)

If you make stuff, hack it, restore it or just like taking stuff apart, take a look at Skycraft. They’re on the web (better pictures there), but it’s nothing like visiting in person.

Aisles and aisles of bins of parts. This one has plastic and phenolic parts like washers, threaded posts, standoffs, and a million other things.

Yeah another exciting blurry shot. You get the idea.

Gears and motors. Any size, any rating for anything you could ever do.

Need a gas mask? They had child and adult sizes.

So if you ‘re ever in Orlando, you need to skip one day from the theme parks and go to Skycraft. And if you see me, say hi or ask me where something is. Be prepared to spend something like 3-8 hours looking around, if not more.

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