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Connecting a Battery Tender to a Honda Ruckus

Anyone with a vehicle they store for a period of time needs a Battery Tender to trickle charge and maintain the battery.

The Battery Tenders all come with 2 connection types, a ring terminal harness and an alligator clip harness. Each accessory has a 2-pin quick-disconnect plug so you can, like it says, quickly disconnect. You can also buy a cigarette lighter plug attachment in case your bike has those kind of connectors as well, like my BMW K75 had.

But I’m not here to sell you a Battery Tender, I’m here to do a quick tutorial on my way of permanently attaching the ring terminal connectors to the Honda Ruckus and get around a couple of the issues you may find while doing it.

All you need is:

  • #2 phillips head screwdriver
  • 10mm socket
  • your ring terminal harness.
Battery Tender ring terminal harness and 2-pin quick-connect plug

Battery Tender ring terminal harness and 2-pin quick-connect plug


Step 1: Remove the Ruckus battery box cover

There are 4 pretty obvious screws that hold it on. If you can’t find these screws you probably should stop right here and take your ruckus to the shop and pay them $75 to do this.

Removing the Honda Ruckus Battery Box Cover

Remove the Honda Ruckus battery box cover by removing the 4 screws. Two on the left, two on the right.


Tilt the battery box cover back and pull it up and out.

It will feel like it doesn’t want to tilt back, but once the screws are out it’s free and clear so if it resists you’re gonna have to use a little gumption to get it to release.

Honda Ruckus Battery Box

There are most of the electronic guts of the Ruckus.

Honda Ruckus Battery

There’s your Honda Ruckus Battery


 Step 2: Expose the battery terminals

The positive terminal (red) is under the fusebox cover, the negative terminal (black) is just out in the open on the left.

Popping off the Honda Ruckus fuse box cover.

Popping off the Honda Ruckus fuse box cover.


 Step 3: Remove the battery bracket to give yourself some space.

The under-appreciated 10mm socket gets a turn to help.

Honda Ruckus Battery Strap

It’s freedom, like taking off a sweaty sock.


Step 4: Attach the ring harness to the terminals.

I’m not going to talk about the negative (black) side because that’s straightforward. Remove the screw from the terminal, put the screw through the ring harness, screw the screw back in. OK, there’s one tricky part, but BARELY. The thickness of the ring harness makes it a LITTLE tricky to thread the screw into the floating nut, but you can do it, just fiddle with it.

What I’m going to do is show you MY trick for connecting the ring terminal harness to the positive (red) side and avoiding the Battery Tender Idiot Nub. I don’t know WHY there’s a GIGANTIC plastic nub on here, is it for looks, function, safety? Don’t know, don’t care.

Battery Tender Ring Terminal Harness

The idiot nub.


I’ve tried to bend the ring at a 90-degree angle but the idiot nub interferes with the terminal screw. Or it hits the fusebox plastic housing, or the housing doesn’t allow the screw to thread back into the floating nut. So here’s what you do, slide the ring terminal connector under the fusebox housing and under the screw as far as it will go.

Honda Ruckus Battery Tender

DON’T try and get the screw to go through the hole in the ring connector, just the edge.


Screw the terminal screw in and keep pushing on the ring harness to make sure it stays under there and keeps tight.

Honda Ruckus Battery Tender

It JUST fits under enough to have good contact.


Step 5: Install the battery bracket OVER your Battery Tender wires.

Honda Ruckus Battery Tender

Clamp down the wires with the battery bracket.


Step 6: Feed the wires up to the top of your Ruckus.

Follow the other wires on the Ruckus and feed them however you want, just make sure the 2-pin quick-disconnect plug ends up near the handlebars.

Step 7: Replace the Battery Box Housing

Re-jigger the housing back on with the 4 screws that hold it on.

You’re now ready for Battery Tending

Honda Ruckus Battery Tender

There’s your plug ready for use or for hiding when riding. That rhymed.

Honda Ruckus Battery Tender



I realize I could do some cutting to make this fit as well, but this is Emily’s Scooter and I’m not sure she wanted me chopping it all up, but I’d love to hear other ideas for doing this.




  • Kevin

    Hey there Pete! Thanks for this mock up. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a picture of the back of the fuse panel. I accidentally took the clip that connects the battery to the fusebox and am lost as to how it was originally placed.


  • Daniel Elkinton

    Hey which battery tender did you use. I tried To use the Amazon link. But no go.


  • Chris Ritchie

    I already have a tab connected on each terminal for alarm/hotgrips and phone power so I sliced the plastic down from the terminal cover tab hole with a sharp knife to fit the positive ring on. I also have the tender plug hanging out onto my floorboard. I have 2 Zoomers with seperate cables for this Biketek Charger. Works perfectly. BCH012 – Biketek 6/12V Battery Charger


  • Logee

    Thank you so much for this in depth guide. Actually pointing directly at parts within the pictures is gold standard for a how-to guide.

    This will be extremely easy for me thank you again.


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