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Outfitting the Patio with Lowe’s

Outdoor entertaining was an oversight when my home was built, and I guess it never occurred to anyone who lived here before me that no patio = no summer picnic.

(Well, there’s a screened in cement slab porch/sunroom type of thing, but I consider a patio something that’s outside, in the open.)

And since there’s no patio, I don’t really think about entertaining either. Which means when our parents or friends come over, a lot of the time they picnic on dining room chairs relocated to the grassy yard.

When I married Emily, I inherited a low outdoor patio table. It’s lonely and has sat unused in a corner because we never had good chairs to put around it. After finally deciding to solve the dilemma, I found the seats below at Lowe’s; modern lines, and not too expensive at around $65 each. They would be a little low for a dining table, but are perfect for coffee table height.

As for a grill, it’s something I fire up, throw burgers or dogs on, and turn it off, so I don’t need some crazy mega-grill. Also, since I don’t even HAVE a patio, just grass, I had to take the wheels into consideration. Most of the fancy grills have four, small, caster-type wheels which seem completely useless for actually rolling the grill around. Most grills are on decks or brick or pavers or something, not smooth surfaces, so how do you roll the grill around on those surfaces? Instead, I always go for the big wheels on one end so I can move it under the awning when it rains, and I still grill when I need my beef. I got this baby for $169 on sale, and it even has a side-burner:


SO there you have it.

Check it… May new “patio”.



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