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Father’s Day with Lowe’s and Dadand

To our very special wives, and oddly, many others who are looking for the perfect Father’s Day inspiration, we’re here to present you with something we like to call “The Perfect Manly Day Family Day Father’s Day” (wow, that’s a bad name). Cue the music.

You ask us a lot what we want for Father’s Day. We say we don’t care what you give us, but the truth is, if we were to celebrate Father’s Day in style at home, there are certain things we would love to have. It’s undeniable. Fortunately for both of us, what we want is an amazing dream space in our homes (NO, NOT A MAN CAVE); a space where we can be manly, download everything we know to our precious offspring, exude awesomeness, and relax (can you believe we wouldn’t just want a weekend away on a fishing boat somewhere off the Keys?)

You know who else asked us what our perfect Father’s Day would be like? Lowe’s. So we teamed up with them to give some ideas, create some plans, and give you the inside scoop on what dads want. They even have the plans available for download on

Hey there, Marty here:


My ideal Father’s Day would include spending time with my family doing activities my kids love: Bicycling, archery, water balloon battles… our problem is that our home is short on storage for six bikes, six skateboards, bats, balls, bows and arrows…

I’d LOVE to enclose our carport to provide a more secure storage space for our family’s recreational gear, but not compromise the integrity of our mid-century modern home design. Rather than a garage, it would appear as more of a lanai (or enclosed patio). There could be some hanging storage towards the front of the space for the bicycles, perhaps a few freestanding garage cabinets to hold sporting equipment and a small compressor or inflator for bike tires and soccer balls. Electronic deadbolt or combination locksets would provide security and accessibility.

Here’s some ideas that would make it easier to get out and active with my family:


Check out the blueprint for Marty’s Father’s Day. Click to enlarge.

What does your ideal Father’s Day look like? Check out more plans and Father’s Day Gift Ideas on

Hey, now it’s Pete chiming in:


We’re the type of family that goes outside to play after breakfast and doesn’t come back inside at night until we’ve eaten so many s’mores that we start calling them something like s’gonnamakemepukeifIeatanymores, so my ideal Father’s Day would be spent with the family outdoors doing yard work or gardening. I’m a bit OCD so an organized garden free of weeds is all I ask. Well, that, and that the deer leave my blueberries alone. I’d love a giant patio area that wraps around an amazing fire pit, and maybe in the open part of the side yard I’d drop in a brand new fort/jungle gym/play area, because the kids would love that, and I know we’d be able to have a great time there for years, climbing rope ladders, getting radical on swings, and catching creepy bugs.

Some ideas for you:

A DIY planting bed, or Raised Garden Beds that will last for years

A Raised Garden Bed that will last for years, or build a DIY planting bed.


Check out the blueprint for Pete’s Father’s Day. Click to enlarge.

Start a plan for your ideal Father’s Day, check out Father’s Day Gift Ideas and more plans on


PSSSST. Next week we have a pretty sweet giveaway that has to do with Lowe’s and Father’s Day and shopping. Check back soon.



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