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Installing a Legrand Plugmold Tough Power Strip

Anyone out there who has a workshop knows that whenever you’re working on a project with more than a couple tools you’re going to run out of places to plug in faster than the Die Hard franchise ran out of plot lines.

I run out of places to plug in tools all the time, and that’s why I love power strips. Not the kind you plug your computer into, but a MANLY power strip, like the Legrand Plugmold Tough Power Strip. It has diamond-plated aluminum for Pete’s sake (I think it really was for my sake).

Here are a few details from the Legrand website:

  • 6-foot black cord
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • 5 spec. grade duplex, black 6-inch on center, and 15-amp outlets
  • 4-foot length
  • Heavy-duty Diamond Bright aluminum finish
  • Diamond Plate Aluminum: looks great on workbenches or in garages
  • Up to 10 power outlets and circuit breaker

The power strip requires no electrical work at all. It’s an extender of whatever outlet you can reach the 6-foot cord to in order to plug it in. It comes with two mounting brackets and screws and it’s actually such an easy install I feel weird even telling you HOW to install it since it couldn’t be more idiot-proof.

What you need to install it:

  • Screw driver (but cordless screw gun is more practical)
  • Measuring tape
  • MAYBE a level

What comes in the box?

The power strip, 2 mounting brackets, 4 screws, and manliness. It’s 4-feet long (48-inches) and has a 6-foot long cord.

What comes in the Legrand Plugmold Tough Power Strip package


Step 1

Figure out where you want the power strip.

Installing a Legrand Plugmold Tough Power Strip

I have the perfect place for the strip. Right under the front lip of my workbench. I found the middle of where I wanted it and measured out 12 inches from the center. The strip is 48-inches wide so there will be 24-inches on each side, split that in half and you get 12-inches on each side to have the brackets evenly spaced.


Step 2

Screw in the mounting brackets.

Legrand Plugmold Tough Power Strip Bracket Install

Not sure I needed to show this step, but there are the brackets screwed into my workbench. A small note, the screws are very fragile so they strip out easily. For you that means use the right size phillips bit (a #2 bit), make sure it’s seated well, apply good pressure, and be careful.


Step 3

Click the power strip into the mounting brackets.

Legrand Plugmold Tough Power Strip Installed



That’s it?

Um, yeah. Pretty simple upgrade, eh?  I got this power strip about 4 months ago and JUST got it installed, which means for me that this simple install took 4 months and 10 minutes.

I’m stoked I just extended my workbench by 10 outlets. Yippie Ki-yay, motherplugger.




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