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DIY Boot Jack

It’s been a wet, mushy winter and I finally got sick of my socks getting wet/snowy/muddy when I take off my boots, so I ran down to my workshop and put together a 5-minute DIY Boot Jack.

You know what a boot jack is, right?

It’s a thing that you step on with one foot and pull your other boot off. Boot jacks are awesome and it will change your life. You think you don’t need one but you do.

A boot jack in the simplest form would be a piece of wood that you could just cut a V into the end.

Because I have a scroll saw I opted to be a little more fancy and do a heel-shaped cut instead of a straight V cut. I put a boot on the wood and traced it, I cut a little inside the line to accommodate for a little smaller boots for the rest of the family.

Usually there’s a smaller piece of wood under it so they angle upward and let you get your boot heel into the notch. SO I found some other scrap wide enough to screw into without cracking for the bottom piece. I cleaned it up, pre-drilled, countersunk, glued it, and screwed it.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing too hard. Just a quick project to save some cash and relieve some soggy sock frustration.

No one in the house has used it except for me. So I guess I was the only person who saw the need for it, but trust me, when then use it they’ll see the light.

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