May 18, 2012

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Connecting a Battery Tender to a Honda Ruckus

Anyone with a vehicle they store for a period of time needs a Battery Tender to trickle charge and maintain the battery. The Battery Tenders all come with 2 connection types, a ring terminal harness and an alligator clip harness. Each accessory has a 2-pin quick-disconnect plug so you can, like it says, quickly disconnect. You … Continue Reading

Causin’ a Ruckus

My love of scooters started back in like 1985 when Marty, or maybe it was his brother Fry (Brian), got a Honda Aero 50 scooter. Man we used to beat the crap out of that thing (sorry Marty’s mom). I don’t even really remember being old enough to ride it, or having any kind of … Continue Reading

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