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How to Shave Chest Hair

We review the Philips Norelco Bodygroom.

I said it somewhere else here on that my typical approach to grooming has been “minimalist…actually, borderline survivalist.”

Well, I was talking about smells in that post but now I’m talkin’ hair.

You know, as you get older…the stuff that keeps showing up in every place except for the top of your head?

The good folks at Philips Norelco sent us a Bodygroom Pro 2040. I’m not sure how I survived before my Bodygroom. So now my one single, semi-dedicated shelf in the bathroom now holds a state-of-the-art follicle destruction device.

Dear Philips, my can of murray’s, hairbrush and men+care de-od thank you for the company.

And I thank you for an awesome shaver/trimmer. My wife thanks you because now I have no excuse.

We’re into tools at dadand, but not necessarily tools for shaving body parts.

However, in good faith, Pete and I put this through the wringer—separately.

And since people often comment on our handsomeness, I wondered how the Bodygroom could improve our manly appearance.

Nah, really…I think anything could easily improve my appearance.

So, I gave my goatee a tune up in about 30 seconds, and the built-in adjustable guide gave me the perfect length.

Pete can’t seem to grow sideburns, but he’s still super manly, and the Bodygroom tamed that burly Bunyan chin strap he’s got going.

I liked the fact that this thing is 100% waterproof, so you can shave stuff in the shower if you’re into that, but I’m more in fear of dropping something in the sink.

Pete says: “It charges up quick and I get about the same amount of running time out of it. I timed it. With my waterproof G-Shock. Ha.”

I’ll have to admit, for the very first time, I trimmed my chest hair. Just because I could…and should…for review purposes.  I hated it. The after effects of trimming it…I mean. The Bodygroom charged through that man patch undaunted, but I could tell my chest hair was shorter and it rubbed against my shirt all weird and then I vowed never to do it again.

But I’m sure you bodybuilder- or hair aversion-types would be in (hairless) hog heaven.

If you want to shave that “W” in your back hair for the big game, by all means get a Bodygroom (and post the video on our facebook page).

I’m not even going to go any further here, except I’ll say there is truth in advertising when the Bodygroom brochure says “Trim and shave all body zones with optimal comfort.”

Well, if you have any questions about shaving your armpits or almonds, don’t ask us, hit the @ShaveExperts on twitter, or just get yourself a Bodygroom, set it to 1 and go for glory my friend.

Disclosure: Dadand received some complimentary body grooming apparatus. Receipt of said apparatus does not guarantee a post or review, but we honestly liked it. We figured posts like this may help some guy create a list of stuff he wants for the holidays or birthday or whatever. Oh, and we don’t get paid for this.

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