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Minimal Monday: Jigsaw Blade Case

You know Dadand likes tools. And stuff that goes with tools.

The other day, I stopped at a home center that I don’t often visit. I was price checking some patio doors. And I decided to browse the tool section to compare their pricing to my usual home center.

(Note: if a certain home center wants to partner with Dadand, I will absolutely use the proper name from this point on—as well as commit to only one home center in my life.)

Well, I was checking out some jigsaw blades. ‘Cause my Bosch jigsaw is completely awesome.

My Bosch Jigsaw

My Bosch 1587VS is like 15 years old, at least, and works like new. It’s got variable speed, orbital blade action and cuts everything like it’s butter.

And Bosch makes like six billion more blade types than anyone else. Nah really. Short, long, in-between…they got ’em. For any material you need to cut up. I use to do a lot of work in acrylic, and they have a blade for that. Need to scroll or make long, straight cuts? Yup.

And they are the T-shank type, so you don’t have to worry about those set screws coming loose, leaving your blade embedded in your work.

Anyway, I’ve used this stupid plastic tube to keep my blades in, so they wouldn’t get all bent up when swimming around in the jigsaw case.

Bosch Jigsaw blades in a makeshift case

A horrible way to treat these blades.

Oh, so I’m looking at tools at my second choice home center, and there’s this awesome plastic blade case, with compartments and stuff. And an assortment of blades. All in one package.

The best way to organize and protect your jigsaw blades.

It was like buying a jewelry box with rings and stuff already in it.

Check out the compartments. It came with an assortment of blades, and even after adding my stash of blades there was plenty of room.

Well, if you want the best jigsaw on the planet, [amazon_link id=”B004323NPK” target=”_blank” ]go buy a new bosch[/amazon_link]. Then [amazon_link id=”B000FAMX3M” target=”_blank” ]get this little case[/amazon_link] for yer blades.

Dadand wasn’t compensated for this post other than the satisfaction of buying and using a tool that has done its job very well for a long time. We will however, make like $0.000000001 if you click on one of the Amazon affiliate links above and buy these awesome tools.


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