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Dad Gift: Whiskey Disks

They’re soapstone disks you keep in the freezer and put in your drink (whiskey, or whatever) instead of ice. A simple enough product but something I never thought I needed before, until I got some.

I’m not necessarily a straight-whiskey or scotch drinker, but I do like to have me some manhattans on occasion. The problem with drinks on the rocks? They get watered down. Not a lot of people I know are chug-a-lugging manhattans DAD (ok, that was a joke). So the drink sits on the side table, they condensate (is that a word), they get watered down, WELL NOT ANYMORE BABY!

You keep the Whiskey Disks in the freezer in the pouch they come with, and instead of grabbing ice for your drink, you grab a Whisky Disk, and boom goes the dynamite, your drink stays cold and there’s no melting ice. And if you’re an artsy type like me, you’ll appreciate how the disks go from a muted-looking stone to a vibrant, grainy, marbly-looking piece of awesome.

I’m not getting into real specs here and experiments with thermometers and a control group or anything, but I’m telling you they work. And not only with whiskey. I’ve used them in a margarita, CHECK. A glass of wine, CHECK. Scotch, CHECK.

Simple concept really, but you can’t just go throwing any old rock in your drink.

Soapstone? So what?

It’s soft, it won’t scratch glassware. It imparts no odor or flavor. And for you ladies, it’s dishwasher safe (ok, bad joke, sorry).

A father’s day gift from a FATHER AND SON.

I don’t only love Whiskey Disks for their functionality. I’m sometimes superficial, and when I saw their website I KNEW these guys cared about quality. They’re a Father and son team, they’re stonemasons, and  they appreciate quality and workmanship. Their site reflects that. I’ve seen too many websites thrown together with some junky shopping functionality thrown in and I can’t go for that, no Iiii, no can do.

Check them out:

twitter: @whiskeydisks and facebizzle.

NOTE: We weren’t paid for this post. The guys gave us some disks for some help we gave them. We wrote this cause they’re awesome.


  • Bob Burch

    What an awesome idea! I love rum and cokes and hate when the ice waters them down.

    Nice find.


  • Ethan@OPC

    This is genius!!! Why the heck haven’t I heard about these until now?! Now I just need to find a subtle way to drop the hint for my wife…. maybe I’ll print out your post and tape it to her pillow. :)


  • Mick Lovin

    There are also “Whiskey Stones” on the market … little cubes of stone.. same concept, but not as purdy as the disks… :)


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