Cleaning Small Engine Carburetors

You’re a Man. Or a Woman. You like your tools motorized. Motorized with an engine—that you have to start with a pull cord. The kind that awesomely cut the crap out of your grass or hedges; that blow snow into your neighbors driveway; the kind that till the earth so you can plant the back … Continue Reading

Dad Gifts: Shop Stuffers. (Or really big stocking stuffers for Dad.)

Well, not only for dad. I think plenty of moms would love this stuff too. Or people with big stockings. Here’s a smattering of stuff you could put next to the stocking if not in it. Some new and cool tools. Some ol’ faithful friends.  An unofficial official Christmas tool guide if you will… Either … Continue Reading

My Subaru rattles, well, it USED to rattle.

Ever since I bought my Subaru Impreza Sport it’s had a weird rattle at around 2,000 RPMs and every time I drove it I thought “As soon as I get home I’m going to find that rattle”. Well I finally did it (after a year and a half). If something’s rattling it’s either a piece … Continue Reading

Best Gift EVER! The Peg Pérego John Deere Gator HPX Review

I know my Julia. She’s a girly girl but she LOVES helping outside, finding bugs, getting dirty, and driving grandpa’s lawnmower. So when birthday time rolled around what could be better than her own set of wheels for grandma and grandpa’s land? I considered a pink 4-wheeler. I considered a pink Barbie jeep. Knowing how … Continue Reading

I Know Jack

There’s a time in every man’s life when he has to install a new swing-away trailer jack. That time for me was now. I’ve been getting some shop time lately, mostly feeling guilty after writing the “too many projects” post. (Thank you, Star) One of those projects, the popup camper, has been getting some attention … Continue Reading

Dad blog writes about having too many projects, including this 1956 Ford F-100.

I Live for the Projects

I think this post is not so much a “how-to” but more of a “how-not-to”. You see, I have too many projects. I don’t really know how I ended up down this cul-de-sac of never-ending DIY tasks, but I always learn something. The same thing. Over. And over. And over. Again. DON’T TAKE ON SO … Continue Reading

Sugru rescues the scratched Harley Davidson fender

When attaching the passenger pillion pad to the fender of a Harley Davidson, I noticed that the rear bracket was at a weird angle, digging into the paint, and making some nasty scratches. NOT happy. I’m not a guy who sits around polishing and waxing and shining motorcycles. I ride them. I’m not THAT obsessed … Continue Reading

Mow on…Wax off

Last Saturday I was trying to decide whether I’d wash the cars or mow the lawn. Well, with rain for like 5 days straight, the lawn was clearly the winner in fighting for my attention. So I mowed. It sucked. Man Florida is hot. But I’m glad I did. When I got the done, the … Continue Reading

You don’t have Skycraft.

You don’t have Skycraft, but you wish you did. Do you need a toggle switch with one of those red safety covers like they use when they launch rockets? Or how about an actual surplus rocket? You need Skycraft Parts & Surplus. I’ve been in Orlando for almost 35 years, and I think this place … Continue Reading

A comparison of the before and after headlight polishing

How to Polish Headlights… OR… Your Headlights Suck

You see…most of my cars had headlights made of glass. Sealed beam headlights. Not crappy plastic. So that either says I’ve had cool old cars, or dated pieces of junk. Answer: both. So now they make headlights out of plastic. And if you have a car made sometime in the mid-90’s or newer, chances are … Continue Reading

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