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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2014

It’s time for one of the most feared holidays in the universe…Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re shopping for a girl or a guy, let Dadand give you a couple thought starters. Think of these as stocking stuffers for Valentine’s Day that might help you get your stocking stuffed. Wow, that was weird.

Not romantic, but awesome.

Not romantic, but awesome.

Cable Ties

OK, not very romantic, but very awesome. Your guy doesn’t even know they want these until they get them. Then it’s like total enlightenment. Suddenly, all the uses for cable ties start to reveal themselves. Something in the basement is dangling… not anymore. Those extra cables won’t wrap and stay in place…yes they will. That third thing that won’t do that thing…it will now.

Don’t make this the main gift, but give it as part of the gift. Or tie each other up with them, do whatever you want to do, you little freak.

Around $10 depending what you choose.

Buy on Amazon

Customizable blumegirl underpants

Customizable blumegirl underpants

Personalize something at

Girls, Guys, Babies, Kids, and Dogs can all personalize their patch! Blume creates fun fashion you can personalize with a classic workman’s patch. You know, the ones on gas station guy shirts. They don’t only do guy underwear, they do all the stuff we mentioned, clothes for girls, guys, kids, babies, dogs, and hats.

Your underwear can say anything you want about you, as long as it’s not “I don’t wipe very well”.


NiteIze Doohickey Key Tool

NiteIze Doohickey Key Tool

Gadgets from NiteIze

I’m not even sure I have the words to describe all the cool stuff that NiteIze makes. It runs the gamut from LED flashlights to carabiner key chains, to mobile device accessories, to pens that write underwater. It’s all stuff a gadget-loving boyfriend or girlfriend would love. It’s stuff that people who climb mountains and know how to camp would have. I know you could buy me anything from their entire product line and I’d love it.

Our faves are the Doohickey, the S-biner key rack locker, and the Inka pens.

Buy on


Their tagline says it best: Any Project. Any Surface. Any Time. JB-Weld makes epoxies, adhesives, and bonding agents that pretty much allow you to bond anything to anything else. It’s one of those products that you don’t know you need until you get it. I’ve used versions of their products to stop a leak in the radiator of my ’69 Austin Healey Sprite, fix a hole in the floor of my ’71 mini 1100, and fix the oil cap on an electric pole saw.

It’s damn good stuff.

Buy on Amazon.

Lee Modern Series Jeans

Lee Modern Series Jeans

Lee Jeans

“Lee Jeans?”, you ask. “That’s right!”, I say. I know what you’re thinking, Lee jeans are like mom jeans for dads. At least that’s what I always thought until I got a pair of Modern Series Straight Leg Jeans from the folks at Lee. But they’re NOT. They’re AWESOME. They have something called “Active Comfort Denim” which means that they are a little stretchy. I didn’t even know this was a thing in jeans unless you were wearing jeggings, who needs stretchy jeans, right? You do, that’s who. It’s pretty nice having a bit of stretch. I figured I’d wear them for working in the yard and rag on them until they were garbage, instead I wear them daily (and I do mean daily). Also my wife says they make my butt look cute.

$58 (but usually on sale for around $32)

Well that’s it for this year. 5 damn good gifts.

You don’t have to give us credit when you lay these babies on your date. You can come off as the awesome, thoughtful person who thought of these all by yourself. Also, if your guy or girl wouldn’t want one of these gifts maybe you should reconsider why you’re dating them in the first place.


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  • Kelly

    Thank you! My husband needs jeans and the Modern Series are on sale for $29.90 plus I got a 15% off by signing up – thanks for your recommendations! I followed over here from Merrypad :)


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