June 4, 2014

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Father’s Day with Lowe’s and Dadand

To our very special wives, and oddly, many others who are looking for the perfect Father’s Day inspiration, we’re here to present you with something we like to call “The Perfect Manly Day Family Day Father’s Day” (wow, that’s a bad name). Cue the music. You ask us a lot what we want for Father’s Day. … Continue Reading

Phillips Norelco Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro

I’m kind of a gadget hoarder. This includes shavers because I definitely have more than a guy with barely any hair needs. I know why I ended up with all these shavers in the linen closet. It’s because I buy one and think it’s going to work great and after a while it stops performing … Continue Reading

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012

Father’s Day is almost here and I’m being asked if there’s anything I’d like… And I ALWAYS want the hand made cards, drawings, popsicle-stick things and anything my kids make me. Always. But I can never remember if there’s a gift or something that I really want from a store. Like when you went into … Continue Reading

The AlumaWallet™ gets some DIY love.

My little Julia got me an AlumaWallet for Father’s Day. It was super cute. Of course it was because she was susceptible to the infomercial on during Saturday morning cartoons, and she memorized it, and cutest of all, she saw it and thought I’d like it. My heart melted. But let me tell you one … Continue Reading

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