April 18, 2011

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Egg-dying with direct food color application onto the egg.

The best part of Easter… Colored Eggs

Man, Easter is one of those super-religious holidays. My religious knowledge has, let’s just say… lapsed, but apparently a LOT of stuff happened to Jesus around Easter. There’s lent, which is the day people put ashes on their head and deny themselves things for like a month and constantly tell you what they gave up … Continue Reading

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Taco Eggs

3-minute egg white sandwiches (jerk or taco)

We’re not trying to turn this into some kind of cooking blog, but DAMN I make some good egg sandwiches. They’re made in one pan, they take a few minutes, they are super low-calorie, and they’re damn good. You can get up in the AM and make these for you and your significant other in … Continue Reading

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