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Sugru Hacking A Horse Ear

Using Sugru to make a new ear for Julia's fairy horse.You might be saying “How do I fix my daughter’s toy horse?”. There could be lots of reasons you’d be saying that. Maybe your kid broke it, maybe you broke it. I’m not saying I DID break it, I’m just saying kid toys are so freaking fragile.

Maybe it was sitting on the TV stand and I knocked it off with my backpack. Maybe I own a ton of acres of land in the middle of nowhere and a bad guy discovered there’s millions of gallons of oil there and he wants my land and I don’t want to sell it and he came by my apartment with his henchmen and said “this is a nice toy horse, it’d be a shame if something happened to it.” and then tipped it off the table onto the floor. See? There are PLENTY of ways it could have gotten broken.

Luckily for that guy I didn’t have to call The A Team, and luckily I had some sugru on hand.

It was an easy fix, stick some Sugru on it, shape it like an ear, and let it sit over night. Not rocket science. I fix a lot of Julia’s toys with sugru (read about the wonders of sugru here), add this one to the list.

It only took a teeny bit of sugru to fix the ear. I needed something to do with the rest of it.

Good thing I had a little mini sugru project in mind, make a little mini hook out of a bent paperclip and sugru for the side of the microwave.

sugru oven mitt hook

Well that was a short post. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that less is more?


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