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Strollin’ with Target

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Target. It’s not a typical post because we’re not talking about tools or DIY, but we do have “dad” in our title and we do actually talk about fatherhood from time-to-time, so they asked me to discuss my take on fatherhood and style. Little did they know I only know about one of these things.


My take on style is simple, I think jeans and a t-shirt are fine to wear every single day.




My take on fatherhood is simple also. Armchair dads are a thing of the past. Long gone are the days where dad sits back and lets mom do all the parenting. If you’re one of these guys who doesn’t change diapers, doesn’t do any of the un-fun parenting stuff, or doesn’t even go shopping to pick up supplies, you need to man up, get involved or get out of our way. Dads are hands-on. Dads not only split duties (and doodies), we’re part of a support structure for mom, listening to her when she’s upset, trying to calm her down when she’s worried, and giving her encouragement when she’s feeling overwhelmed. And moms do the same for us whether we admit we need it or not. Dad and mom are a team.



Oh, and when mom is off doing her thing and I’m out with my kids I’m not “babysitting”, I’m being a parent. I also don’t need to be praised for being a “good dad” if I’m just goofing around with my kids or doing something like shopping. I’m just doing what a parent does (and what moms have been doing for years without hearing what a good mom they are, we’ve got your backs, sisters).

When I go out and about I actually know what I’m doing, I don’t “bumble” like those goofy dads you see in commercials. I can fully plan and bring a stroller, snacks, drinks, toys, misc supplies, and apparently a photographer.





You’re probably thinking, “Pete, you’re so stylish, how do you and your daughter get so adorable?”. The answer is simple.


Nah, it’s actually jeans—and all the other stuff you see in my photos that I bought at Target.

Check it out, I’m like one of those fashion bloggers that does one of these callout graphics showing what I wore:


(psst. I hate clicking affiliate links, you probably do too, but I assure you these are just regular links, we make nothing from them)

A. Beastie Boys T-Shirt – $10.00

B. Men‘s Straight Leg Jeans by Seven7 – $49.99

C. Men’s C9 by Champion® Seth Sandals – $11.99

D. Toddler Girls‘ Striped Tie Dye Maxi Dress – $12

E. Infant Girl’s Genuine Kids from OshKosh™ Arielle Sandals – $14.99

F. Diaper Dude Diaper Bag – $59.99

G. Orla Kiely by aden + anais® little bib 3-pack $15.99

H. Graco Pace Click Connect Stroller – $99.99

I. Munchkin Snack Catcher – $4.49

J. Happy Tot Apple & Butternut Squash Organic Superfoods Food Pouch – $1.59


So that’s that.

Come on, people. Let’s ditch that Mr. Mom, bumbling idiot, “I don’t change diapers” mentality and join the modern world.


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