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Spatula Resurrected

Maybe a better title is: “How do I fix my broken spatula?”

So I accidentally broke my favorite spatula. I didn’t COMPLETELY break it, I did worse, I took a hunk out of it. I don’t quite know what happened, it was a blur. Anyway, HOW it happened isn’t important, what IS important is that this happened like 2 years ago and I’ve been using this nicked spatula ever since. I’ve kept it because it has the perfect flex, heft, it’s thin enough to slip under an egg without pushing it around the pan, AND because I’m cheap.

I’ve been thinking about and working around this nick for 2 years.

No big deal right? Just throw it away and buy a new one? I already thought of that, genius. The thing is that I’ve been looking for a replacement and apparently spatula making technology has gone backwards, like Microsoft Outlook’s HTML email rendering. They’re big, clumsy, goofy, and just suck, kind of like Internet Explorer. They’re full of crappy 3rd party software trials and get riddled with viruses and spam and slow down in a month, just like a new PC, wait, that made NO SENSE. The point of the story is that I’m so picky about spatulas that I can’t find one that I like, too bad Apple doesn’t make spatulas.

The problem with the nick in it is that it’s right on my egg cutting side (this post will explain what that has to do with anything).

Spatula is broken in a terrible spot.

Spatula is broken in a terrible spot, my egg cutting side.

It’s in my blood to try and hack something to fix it rather than throw it away. I was trying to think of a way to use sugru in order to add something to it to fix it, like fill in the nick. Then it dawned on me. Why ADD to it when you could take something AWAY? Just cut away the hole and it’s like new, maybe it will be better.

First thing I did was to pull out the tool that everyone should have and that I carry everywhere, NO, not the Schrade Multi-Tool, I’m talking about the OTHER tool that everyone should have and that I carry everywhere, my Husky folding utility knife, and make a light score to determine what would be cut away.

I'm making a light score to trace along when I start making deeper cuts.

Then I fine-tuned the edge and the shape of the curve like peeling a potato.

I'm fine tuning the spatula edge.

Here’s my 2-minute fix to a problem I’ve been working around for 2 years.

Spatula finished and waiting to cut some eggs.

Looking at that pic I can see I need to do a little more fine-tuning on the curve. I’ll probably take it down to my sander and make it a perfectly curved edge, but I can already see it’s going to be better. Look how that edge will now be even better for cutting things in a pan, I may round out the other side in case left-handed people come over to cook for me. I’m looking at you Obama.

Disclaimer: The Husky folding utility knife and Schrade Multi-Tool links are Amazon Affiliate links. Click and buy one of each so I can make .00001 cent.


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