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Fuse Reel Side Winder MacBook Charger Cable Holder

Logan at Fuse Reels contacted us and asked if he could send us his Fuse Reel Side Winder to try out. He said if we liked it maybe we could post about it. I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!!! Yes, I got a free one but that’s not clouding my judgement. They’re only like $30 bucks and I would’ve bought one anyway because honestly I can’t imagine why I didn’t invent this. I’m actually a little jealous and mad at Logan for being smarter and more handsome than me.

I’m going to be blunt. If you have an Apple MacBook you need this product. Seriously, just skip reading the post and go buy one now.

Fuse Reel Side Winder MacBook charger cable holder

What is the Fuse Reel Side Winder MacBook Charger Cable Holder?

You don’t know what you’re looking at? You snap that case around your MacBook charger and you wind your cord into it. I can’t tell you how many battles I’ve had with my charge cord. You know what I mean, you have to wrestle it into your laptop bag and it twists and turns and takes up all the space. With the Fuse Reel Side Winder you just wind it up and boom, it’s handled. Now I don’t hate my MacBook charger anymore. But I do hate that people are so dumb that you have to tell them “Charger Not Included”.

Check this out, this is mine inside my actual computer bag. I mean, COME ON! Look at that!

Fuse Reel Side Winder MacBook charger cable holder

To unwind it you just grab each end of the cord and pull. You know what else? You can stop at ANY LENGTH. You don’t need all 8 feet of cord dangling all over the place. If you’re 2 feet from a plug you just pull each end until it’s long enough and that’s it. Insane.

It also protects from the dreaded rubber fraying thing that happens near the charging block.

I’ve gone through charging cords like crazy and you might too. You know how they get all frayed and the rubber coating peels off and you have to buy a new cable for like $80. That’s from all the twisting and pulling and wrapping up your cord. I’m pretty sure this will protect them from fraying because the Side Winder locks those things in place so they’re not gyrating all around.

Check it… this is how you insert the charging block and also you can see how it locks the ends in so they don’t get all frayed:

Fuse Reel Side Winder MacBook charger cable holder


I don’t know, man. Apple should buy up this company and include this with every laptop. Or just incorporate it into the cord. And then Logan should give me a little chunk of cash when Apple buys the company. I don’t need a billion dollars, just enough so that I don’t have to work and can afford healthcare for the family. Is that too much to ask?

I really don’t know what else to say about it. I could go on and on. My life is changed. I’m not sensationalizing at all. I freaking LOVE this thing.

Learn more and buy at

Now if they would just do something about this:

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