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PureGear phone accessories and covers

Protect your gear with PureGear phone accessories and covers

As much as I like my little gadgets and technology to stay in perfect condition I still beat on them. There’s no way around it. Especially my iPhone. I want it to stay looking brand new but that’s kind of tough carrying it in my pocket all day, tossing it around, and just daily wear-and-tear.

Imagine my surprise when days after ordering my iPhone 5 I got a little care package from PureGear with some iPhone covers. BUT, naysayers, I’m not writing this because they gave them to me, I’m writing this because they are AWESOME and you should get one for you, or another phone-dropping person in your life.

There are around 8 items in PureGear’s iPhone 5 Case collection. I’m talking about the:

Let’s run them down.

PureGear PX260 Protection System for iPhone 5

For a guy like me you can’t go wrong with letters and numbers in the name.

This PX260 cover is the little brother of their PX360 Extreme Protection System for iPhone 5. It’s like the G-Shock watch of iPhone covers. It’s big and tough and it actually separates into two pieces and you bolt it onto your phone using the included utility tool (at right, which also has a built in wrench, bottle opener, and ruler). Very rugged and tough.

PureGear PX260 Protection System for iPhone 5

It comes in Matte Black, Clay Blue, Kelp Green, and Orchid Purple. It includes the utility tool, screen shield, and water-resistant pouch.

Price: Starting at: $39.99

DualTek Extreme Shock Case + Shield for iPhone 5

This one had me hooked right from the name. DUAL (dual is twice as good) TEK (loooove technology) EXTREME (I’m EXTREME) SHOCK (I shock my phone all the time) CASE + SHIELD (Yes, SHIELD is the cool word here, like DragonSlayer).

It has a heavy duty feel but still feels slim and sleek. Know what I mean? It’s not too big and bulky. I like this one for when I go running. I can hold onto it bare-handed or wearing gloves because it’s grippy around the edges.

PureGear DualTek Extreme Shock Case + Shield for iPhone 5

It comes in: Matte Black, Arctic White, Indigo Blue, Fern Green, Simply Pink, and Kayak Yellow. It includes a screen shield.

Price: Starting at: $39.99

The Utilitarian Smartphone Support System for iPhone 5

This one is my favorite. To me it’s a cross between the PX260 and the DualTek Extreme. It has a clip/kickstand that snaps on and off. It’s rugged, sleek, and can go in the pocket without feeling bulky.

Pure Gear Utilitarian Smartphone Support System for iPhone 5

It comes in Black or White. It includes the Clip-on Holster, 360˚ Pivot Kickstand for Horizontal & Vertical Viewing. and a screen shield.

Price: Starting at: $29.99

Slim Shell Case for iPhone 5

This is Emily’s favorite. It’s more fashion-y than SUPER RUGGED ROUGH AND TOUGH but it still offers scratch resistance and protects against daily wear-and-tear. She did say the edge that you put up against your ear felt a little sharp, which was most likely a remnant of the mold used to shape them but it was easily scraped off with a few swipes of a razor blade (i guess you could emory board it too).

PureGear Slim Shell Case for iPhone 5

PureGear Slim Shell Case Colors for iPhone 5This is the most fun of the cases and comes in 7 fun (they say “delectable”) colors:  Black Tea, Coconut Jelly (Clear), Mandarin Orange, Passion Fruit, Pistachio Mint, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Vanilla Bean.

Price: Starting at: $24.99

So that’s the deal.

These are pretty great iPhone 5 cases. What else can you ask for? I know I only talked about iPhone 5 cases, but they also have cases and accessories for Blackberry, HTC, LG Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and others. You can buy any of the accessories on the PureGear website or on Amazon.




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