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Nikko R/C Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition

Disclaimer: the fine folks at Nikko R/C sent us their un-released Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition to try out, so we did.

The TLDR version of the post is… The Nikko R/C Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition is good for kids. It’s easy to drive, even for my 4-year-old.

The NVLSIDRTBP* version is that this is a pretty decent little car for kids to mess with.

All the way back when Marty and I were kids, we were obsessed with remote control cars. Hell, I still am, but I feel a little foolish standing around in the backyard driving a tiny car when I’m annoyed every time I have to go drive a REAL car somewhere.

In the box is a remote, the car and some batteries. The remote takes 3 AAA batteries, but the car itself is rechargeable with an integrated USB cable that is stored under the vehicle. (see below image). There are 3 little clasps you spin/flip and the usb cord unfurls for all of your charging glory (for 90 minutes).

The car itself is pretty cool looking. The suspension is springy but tight and the huge bumpers should keep the front protected when you kid drives it straight into the house at top speed. There’s a huge spoiler on the back which looks pretty cool. The kids wish we had a spoiler like that on our car but I told them I’m not a 16-year-old with a slammed Toyota Corolla.


The paperwork says the Turbo Panther has the ability to reach top speeds of 15km/hr (about 9mph for you Americans) and allows you to race up to 10 friends (who has 10 friends? not me, that’s for sure).

I think the top speed means when you’re pushing the TURBO BUTTON!!! Which is the coolest feature on the remote. I wish it was always in “turbo mode” because I just push it the whole time I’m driving the thing because I want MORE SPEEEEEED.


Reading about a remote control car is all fine and dandy, but you want ACTION, you want PROOF, you want VIDEO!


The Nikko R/C Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition isn’t available in stores yet so I’ll update the post when it is. Most of their cars go for around $60 but not sure of the price on this one yet.

Would you rock this car?


*Not very long so I did read the blog post

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