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My ladder anti-slide peace-of-mind

This little project came out of necessity. Isn’t that where most great ideas come from? It’s either necessity or beer, I can’t recall. Anyway, I digress.

I wanted to climb up to the gutter and feel around with my hand to see if the blockages were gone or if I just blasted a hole through the blockage with my incredible hose invention. This meant I had to put a very extended extension ladder on the deck in order to reach the gutters on what seems like a taller-than-normal 2-story house. I borrowed a ladder and made the long, lonely, bouncy, sketchy climb to the gutter to feel for myself.

Cody howling NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. And damn, I'm bustin a sag in those hole-y jeans, don't forget to puff those boxers boyee.


I don’t know about you but I don’t trust the little rubbery feet on the bottom of an extension ladder so I did what any chicken does. I figured out a way to make the feet stay put.

I screwed a 2×4 into the deck behind the ladder so it (hopefully) couldn’t slide out from under me. POW!

A little peace-of-mind.


I really didn’t have any screws handy so I grabbed some Tapcon® concrete screws out of the garage where I had some scrap wood lying around (YES, score another one for the wood hoarder). Using the cement screws wasn’t the smartest thing to do considering cement screws have some serious gripping power and barbs on them. But it actually worked out perfectly because now I have to write a post called “How to remove a stripped screw”, but that’s for a later date.

Anyway, for some added enjoyment , here’s a little animation of cody in action.



Oh, and look. There’s the Peg Perego John Deere Gator HPX motorized car I got Julia for her birthday. It ROCKS but it needed a little customization. That’s another post as well.



  • Brad

    The summer before college I painted houses and I remember how we used to “jump” the ladders sideways so we wouldn’t have to climb down and reposition them. How is it that any teenagers survive to adulthood?


    • Pete Fazio

      Yeah, I had a ladder flip on me one time doing the “jump”. Luckily I didn’t fall and I had to climb down monkey bars style to the ground. I felt heroic and terrified, and then I changed my underpants.


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