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Like a G12

I had some bonus money burning a hole in my pocket. I know, I know, I should have bought a savings bond, or Sirius XM stock, or put it into a college fund, or bought a Suze Orman book, but I wanted an iPad. I REALLY wanted an iPad. I ALMOST bought an iPad. But instead I did something nice for my girlfriend (and selfishly for me too). I bought some digital cameras. For her a Canon Rebel, for me a Canon G12.

Here’s an excerpt of what she wrote on “The G12 is a 10MP beast with all of the bells and whistles you could ever want, just a tad smaller than the DSLR you’ve grown accustomed to seeing. It’s just really slick”.

The specs straight from the product page on the Canon site look like this:

I’ve already taken a ton of pics testing out presets and trying to remember my photo 101 lessons from Pratt Institute. So far I love it. It has full control over the ISO, ExposureThere are several scene modes to choose from, such as Portrait, Landscape, Kids & Pets, Sports, Smart Shutter, Super Vivid, Poster Effect, Color Accent, Color Swap, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Nostalgic, Fisheye Effect, Miniature Effect, Beach, Underwater, Foliage, Snow, Fireworks, and Stitch Assist,HDR mode, and finally, the Fisheye Effect mode in case I want to shoot a Beastie Boys video.

I’m not going to get into stuff like exposure comparisons and all kinds of specs, but I do like it, and it came recommended by a photographer friend of mine when i asked his advice. For a full review try here (no affiliation with me, this site came up first in google when I searched “G12 review”).

Below are some sample pics that Julia (my 4.5 year old) and I took. Guess who took what.

G12 and Pete

G12 Grandpa

G12 The screen flips around to take self-portraits

G12 tilt-shift setting (called miniature effect on the camera)

The G12 is a sweet camera. It’s a little bulky and a little heavy, but I don’t care. I have big pockets and an iPhone if i need to have on-the-spot photos. If you have any shooting tips hit me up.


  • Brian Sprouse

    Just watch out for lens flare when you’re outside. And congrats, Canon makes great equipment.


    • Pete Fazio

      Hi Brian, thanks for the tip. I am still WAY slow on the settings. I want to know what to turn and everything by heart. Maybe someday I’ll be as good of a photographer as you.


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