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Last Minute Dad Gifts

If you’re anything like us you just might wait to the last minute before buying gifts. And we’re not just talking about the holidays here. We mean birthdays, Father’s Day, all that stuff. So what do you do? You hit up the local Target, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot and do the olympic speed walk through the place frantically looking for something while being all ear-to-hip-pocket-ear-to-hip-pocket-ear-to-hip-pocket (it’s a speed walking thing).

Let’s take that franctic-osity out of your last-minute-tasticness.

We’ve compiled a few things below that come in at less than $20 but are still AWESOME. Of course you need to use your own judgement when it comes to the handiness of the person, and how accepting of these types of gifts that person is that you’re buying for, but any of the below could be great. I’d love any of these gifts, hint hint. All of the gifts below were found at Home Depot.

Dad Gift Idea - Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape, Gorilla Anything. Love it.

Anything “Gorilla” Glue, Tape, etc.

I’ll admit it, I have an addiction to glue. I love it. Well not just glue, tape too. And I find that the GORILLA line of products are some of my favorite, no doubt. Especially Gorilla Tape. It’s like duct tape but a million times stickier and stronger. It comes in duct tape size and in a mini size, like the size of a roll of electrical tape. So don’t be stingy. Get someone a tube of Gorilla Glue AND a roll of Gorilla Tape.

Shown: Gorilla Glue

Cost: around $5 for smaller bottles and $5 for a roll of tape

If you’re in no hurry, buy Gorilla Glue on Amazon.

Dad Gift Idea - OLFA PRO18 Utility Knife

OLFA PRO18 Utility Knife

OLFA PRO18 Utility Knife.

One time I wrote a post with a tip on how to cut expanding foam insulation and my buddy Kirk commented and professed his love for the OLFA line of Utility knives. OH man, that reminds me, did you know my buddy Kirk was in the movie Beetlejuice? Yeah, you know at the beginning when the sculpture falls and pins the mom against the house? He’s one of the guys who runs up to pull it off of her. But I digress, I had totally forgotten about these OLFA Utility Knives but they are AWESOME. And why wouldn’t you take the advice of a guy who was in one of the coolest movies ever? The blade gets dull? Snap it off to the next increment and you have a fresh blade. Plus you can retract the blades and have it in your pocket all day for when you need it.

Shown: OLFA PRO18 Utility Knife

Cost: around $10

If you’re in no hurry, buy the OLFA PRO18 Utility Knife on Amazon.

Dad Gift Idea - Paint Brushes

Paint brushes

Paint Brushes

Ever used a paint brush and didn’t wash it right away, or didn’t wash it properly and the brush is ruined? Well that’s a big deal for a dude who likes his brushes cleaned a certain way. So buy your significant other a set of pretty good quality paint bushes and deem them “THEIRS ONLY” and promise never to touch them again.

Shown: Generic Paint Brushes from Home Depot

Cost: around $15

If you’re in no hurry, buy your Paint Brushes on Amazon.

Dad Gift Idea - Nut Driver Set

HUSKY 7-Piece Nut Driver Set

Nut Driver Set

I love a good nut driver. I know it sounds funny so get your snickering out of the way and listen up (well if you’re a woman you’re probably not snickering, but if you’re a guy, I know you’re snickering). Nut drivers are super handy to have around. They make a great gift because even if the person isn’t super handy they are a useful set to have around for just the right occasion  when the thing you want to loosen, or tighten, isn’t a screw but you don’t want to lug out a whole socket set. plus when they come in a set they all stay together. Hence, a SET. Splurge and get them US and Metric.

Shown: HUSKY 7-Piece Nut Driver Set

Cost: around $16

If you’re in no hurry, buy nut driver sets on Amazon.

Carabiner Micro Light Keychain Flashlight

SWISS TECH Carabiner Micro Light Keychain Flashlight

Carabiner Micro Light Keychain Flashlight

I just love little gadget-y junk like this so if you’re ever wondering what to buy me, get something like this. These little babies are awesome. I love keychain lights for the normal use, which is finding the keyhole of the front door in the dark, but also it’s handy to have a flashlight with you at all times. I think I use it in the car more than for the front door. Dropped a fry between the seats? Lost a binky under the seat? Think there’s a snake slithering around the floor of the passenger side? Bust out the keychain flashlight and look for it.

Shown: Carabiner Micro Light Keychain Flashlight

Cost: around $10

If you’re in no hurry, buy the Carabiner Micro Light Keychain Flashlight on Amazon.

RYOBI Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit

RYOBI Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit

Drilling and Driving Accessories

I could have 5 of these kits and still want more. One part of it is that the little bits ALWAYS snap off and I keep combining kits to make a whole kit, but also because they are – say it with me – HANDY. But also because I’m a hoarder. Joking, sort of. Anyway these kits are perfect for all kinds of jobs around the house and everything’s in one place. The larger the kit, the more handy, and more expensive, but don’t skimp.

Shown: RYOBI Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit

Cost: around $16

If you’re in no hurry, buy a Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit on Amazon.

There you have it. Another little batch of awesome gifts.

Of course feel free to ask us anything we left out. We didn’t do full reviews. We just give this stuff our stamp of approval.

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