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Is that a Husky in your pocket?

Sometimes people ask me what tool they should be carrying at all times. Sometimes people ask me if I’ve got more suits than Jacoby & Meyers. And sometimes people ask me if there’s something in my pocket or if I’m just happy to see them. I HOPE they ask me the latter because I carry a LOT of stuff in my pockets. Enough stuff that when I go to the doctor and they weigh me and say “we add eight pounds for clothes and shoes” I usually lobby for them to add like 12 pounds. During the day I have money, wallet, 2 pens (a fine-point sharpie and a pen), a pocket knife, and a mini shrade multi-tool. When I get home I change into my play clothes, and my play clothes have that other stuff AND my Husky folding utility knife.

The knife has it’s time and place, but the Husky is more versatile.

It used to be a toss-up between my pocket knife and my Husky for which tool I’d pull out to make a cut, open mail, whatever, but lately it’s been the Husky every time. Maybe it’s the sheer size of it that makes it quicker to grab, maybe it’s because it’s a RAZOR and not a knife blade. The heft of it make it useful as more than just a blade.

Husky folding utility knife looking bad ass

Husky folding utility knife looking bad ass

It’s a serious piece of metal.

It’s got those cheese grater-looking sides on it that can be used in a pinch to rasp a rough edge down. It has enough weight to it and it’s solid enough to use as a light-duty hammer if somewhere there’s a nail popping out. It has what’s supposed to be for a caribiner or something that’s tough enough to pull a nail. It can be used as a replacement to a roll of quarters in your hand if you have to lay the smack down. It also has the quickest blade replacement ever. You push that little button with your thumb and the blade slides out, new blade in, release button, blade is locked in.

Husky folding utility knife push-button blade removal

Husky folding utility knife push-button blade removal

So in no way is this post sponsored by Husky or the Husky Folding Utility Knife Association of America that I just made up. I really do love this thing.

Disclaimer: The Husky folding utility knife link is an Amazon Affiliate link. Click and buy one so I can make .00001 cent.


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