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Holiday Gifts for Nerds, Gadgets, Punk Rock

Holiday Gift Guide

Ahhh…another list of Holiday gifts. Gifts for Dad. For Mom. For nerds and punk rockers. I think this is the last holiday gift one. And not a single tool on this one, unless you count the guy wearing the backpack we suggest below.

Dove Men+Care dad gift stocking stuffer

Dove Men+Care Gift Set

Dove Men+Care

I just spoke the gospel of Dove Men+Care in my recent review, and found that if you have sensitive skin, are sensitive, or just have skin, then this is for you. Plus, it smells good without being all perfume-y and stuff. Practical gifts are good too, and this is way better than a toothbrush in the ol’ stocking. Plus, it’s got a “tool” to scrub with and a handy bag for efficient gift delivery—that will be soon claimed by your wife or kids to keep cotton balls or princess clothes in.

Cost: Varies

Be sensitive to his needs this year.

Powerbag messenger bag dad gift stocking stuffer

Travel Charging Backpacks/Messenger Bags

Hey, your battery got in my bag. Naw, your bag got in my…no. I guess that only works for peanut butter cup commercials. Peanut butter cups are good. I always get some giant peanut butter cup thing for Christmas. It’s how I know my wife loves me. The peanut butter cup substance vs. chocolate ratio is always more interesting in the giant versions. Oh…

Well, some giant nerd decided to put a rechargeable battery into a hipster-ready messenger bag so you could be permanently attached to your smartphone or tablet and never run out of juice.

It’s got all kinds of pockets, so gift one to your IT guy—it will fit his entire collection batman-esque utility belt apparatus and move him one more step away from a lifetime of dungeons and dragons in mom’s basement.

Seriously, it looks pretty cool, and has micro, mini and full-size USB connectors along with Apple and M2 connectors, so you can charge almost anything except your car battery.

Cost: Varies

Become a power nerd.

gift idea for LEGO fan

The Cult of LEGO®

The Cult of Lego

If you are an AFOL, or just want to know what AFOL means, then The Cult of Lego is a book for you. With just as many pictures as there are words, this book illustrates the world-wide community of LEGO® fans, builders and even a filmmaker. I got to enjoy some time with my son browsing and reading the pages together, and that’s worth the $20 alone. It talks history of LEGO® and shows some of the creations superfans have built—from a battleship to a monster chess set. So if you’re an Adult Fan Of Lego (ahhh…AFOL), an eight-year-old kid, someone who wants to build a LEGO® “Mr. T” or just plain nerd, you’ll want to get this book and then build a LEGO® coffee table to put it on.

Cost: $19.97

I pity the fool who don’t buy this book.

Polish Headlights with headlight lens restorer kit from Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

One of the top five posts of all time here on Dadand is the headlight polishing how-to. I only wish I knew of the Turtle Wax Headlight Restorer Kit at that time—my headlights are already starting to glaze over again. Turtle Wax added some steps to handle even the most yellow of headlight lenses. The restoration pads and spray lubricant help to remove scratches before you buff the lens out with the clarifying compound. So stay tuned for a new Dadand headlight polishing post using this awesome kit.

Cost: $9.39

Clearly, a great gift.

SentrySafe fire and waterproof safe for dad gift

SentrySafe Fire-safe Waterproof Chest


I’ll bet you have some stuff that you want to prevent other people from getting. Like when my kids eat all my snacks by the time I get home from work. Or to prevent permanent marker happy faces drawn on all of the DVDs of archived work spanning my almost 20 years in advertising. Or, jewelry, guns, bearer bonds and your level-6 security clearance badge.

Protect your stuff with a SentrySafe safe. Dadand thinks they’re awesome. I have three models—one fire safe, one fire and waterproof and one with a digital keypad for easy access. All of them were easy to install and all of them protect my stuff. Get one before your realize you needed one.

To find one that meets your needs, visit SentrySafe’s magical memorable gift finder.

Cost: Varies

These are all great safes.

Punk rock gift The Other F Word

The Other F Word Movie

The Other F Word

Well, you can’t this one in time for Christmas, but I’d rather get this on January 31 instead of some crappy generic-packaged executive putting set on Christmas morning.

Even if you wear a tie and are fond of putting, you’ll find inspiration in The Other F-Word—a documentary about punk rockers that go from the “F” word to fatherhood. Find out what happens when punk rock grows up and becomes a dad. With perspectives from the likes of Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), you’ll discover the journey from obscenity-laden anthems on stage to picturesque afternoons on the park swingsets. Be inspired, and realize that the dad with leopard hair and combat boots just might be a better dad than you.

Cost: $29.99

“F” authority and order this movie.

Eneloop rechargable batteries for christmas gift

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

With four kids and all the electronics that go with them, I got sick of forking over my hard-earned cash for AA batteries that lasted about six minutes…tops.

A walk through Costco about two years ago revealed these Sanyo Eneloop batteries, and I was sold. I spent $40 and they are still going today. It came with AA and AAA batteries and a charger. And all these little sleeves that would hold the AA batteries so they’d fit in a device that required “C” or “D” batteries. From what I read now, the “new” versions of these will recharge 1500 times, and hold a charge up to 3 years.

So today, I’m a hero. There are less batteries in the landfill, and I always have some charged up for the wii remote or the fire truck or the camera or my mac keyboard and mouse or flashlight or light saber or…well, you get it.

Cost: Around $40

Buy the last batteries you’ll ever buy.

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Disclosure: Dadand got some of the stuff on this list for free, but you know that cause you are a loyal reader and have read the reviews already. But that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in the product or brand, and much of this stuff we either already bought on our own, or would have paid full-boat retail for it. The links will take you to Amazon to buy items and we make a percentage of the sale—a percentage which I assure you has plenty of zeroes before the decimal. At this rate, Pete and I will retire in about 260 years.

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