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Dad gift guide 2015

Holiday Dad Gift Guide for 2015

Uh huh. It’s that time for the Dadand Gift Guide. Gifts for dad. Let’s go.

Happy Holidays.

“Small” Dad Gifts

Holiday Gifts for Dad Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Car Charger

Flux Capacitor Car Charger

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Car Charger

Most dads my age wanted to be Marty McFly at some point. Listen, he played guitar, got the girl and had that awesome black Toyota truck with the roll bar and KC lights. Oh yeah—he freakin’ time-traveled. 2015 was the year Marty McFly went to in BTTF2. So remind yourself you live in the future with this flux capacitor car charger. 2 USB ports to charge your devices are great, but I’d get it just to light up the inside of my car.

88 MPH for $25.

Buy this.

Dad gifts Sex Panther Cologne Bottle

Sex Panther Cologne

Sex Panther Cologne from Anchorman

I’m just gonna put the description right from the Sex Panther Cologne website riiiight…here…

Sex Panther Cologne is the most awesome cologne ever made in the history of the entire world. Scientifically engineered from space age petroleum distillates and animal byproducts.

60% of the time, it works every time… $35

[amazon_link id=”B00NMSZ3XG” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Buy on Amazon.[/amazon_link]
Kobalt Socket Set Tool Gifts for Dad

Kobalt Xtreme Access Socket Set

Kobalt Socket Set

Tighten a nut on a 6-foot piece of all thread if you want, cause this Xtreme Access socket set allows the bolt to go through the head of the ratchet. While most of you will never, ever need to tighten a nut on a 6-foot piece of all thread, just having the capacity to do so scientifically increases your manhood factor™. Comes with 22 pieces, including an adapter to use standard sockets.

Watch your deep sockets collect dust for $29.95.

Get one at Lowe’s

merkur shaving set

One of the many Giftables from Lowe’s

Giftables from Lowes

Be the unicorn of gift-givers. Get someone a perfectly-curated box of gifts in one fell swoop. There’s a giftable for everyone. Are you a man? Do you breathe? Then you probably would like the Grill Essentials giftable. Is your wife crafty? Does she need a third glue gun? (Yes. Yes…she does.) Then get her a Holiday Twine Star craft giftable. Even stuff for the kids. Lowe’s did the thinking for you—so you just have to be the hero.

Heroic gift-giving starts at about $26.

Get some from Lowe’s.

“Bigger” Dad Gifts

BenQ TreVolo Gifts for Dad Holiday 2015

The BenQ TreVolo

BenQ TreVolo

If Dad is going to be sitting fireside, in his Eames lounge chair, sipping some triple-malt scotch in his robe and winter slippers this holiday, with two Irish Setters by his side, doing the Times’ crossword puzzle, while reflecting on that jaunt to South America to explore the ruins, then THIS IS THE ONLY QUALIFIED BLUETOOTH SPEAKER FOR HIM TO LISTEN TO JOHNNY MATHIS ON.

Electrostatic-speaker-perfection for $299.

Buy one at BenQ.

BioLite BaseCamp Grill Dad Gift Review

BioLite BaseCamp Grill

Biolite BaseCamp Grill

If there’s two things we enjoy, it’s fire and technology. Imagine getting to burn stuff and play a round of Tetris in front of the fire. Or take pictures of your beer in front of the fire. How about the song Ring of Fire in front of the fire? You’ll love this burnin’ flame. The BaseCamp Grill automagically charges your device using the heat from its fire. Take it tailgating, in the woods or on the patio, it don’t matter.

Burn everything but the burgers for $299.

Purchase it at Lowe’s.

Kobalt Outdoor Power Equipment Blower Review Gift Guide

Kobalt 80V Blower

Kobalt Outdoor Power Equipment

We love Kobalt around here. One, they spell Kobalt with a “K.” Two, the stuff rocks.

We’ve been using the 40V line of outdoor power equipment, but since they came out with the 80V Max stuff, we love it exactly twice as much. From a mower to a blower to a trimmer to a chainsaw, there’s something to cut, chop and clean your yard all weekend long. They all run on the same battery and with a 5-year hassle-free guarantee on the tools, even we aren’t afraid to put them through the paces.

Get rid of the “gas hands” starting at $139.

Get them at Lowe’s.


Happy shopping!

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