I’ve got a secret.

Well, not really a secret, but more like a discovery.

 I found this room in my house.

It was kinda like stumbling upon the lost city of Atlantis.

A dirty, smelly Atlantis where there is an abundance of lonely unmatched socks.

Yes, under piles of clothes, empty detergent jugs, mop buckets and plastic grocery bags, I found my laundry room.

After being home for five weeks now, I realized the only thing I can count on every day is laundry.

It NEVER ends.

And I dramatized the intro of this post to hopefully suck you into something very simple that helped me out. But first I’ll complain some more.

We have six laundry baskets. But one hamper. How does that work?

The hamper is bottomless. It goes to China. All the way. (see… ancient chinese secret.)

I have to do, at least, one load per day. One in the wash. One in the dryer. Miss one load and you are screwed.

Clothes in the dryer stay there until the next day. Period. The humidity here in Florida will take out the wrinkles by the time you get to your car in the driveway.

I don’t mind washing them. Don’t mind folding them. Even the clothes for the little one that are really too small to really fold.

And those bottom sheets with the elastic on them. Nah, those don’t get folded. You can’t physically fold them. They just get rolled around like a maiden rolls up spun yarn until the sheet is about the right size to stack in with properly-folded linens.

Oh, anyway. I hate putting the clothes away.

There’s the answer to why we have some many laundry baskets. Cause there are five baskets sitting around with folded clothes in them that you start pilfering from on a daily basis until you are no better off than having the pile of dirty clothes in Atlan…uhhh, my laundry room.

So here’s the simple thing that I mentioned earlier.

I put the kids to work. They put THEIR clothes away from now on.

“Marty, that’s nothing new…” or “You should have been doing that all along…” you say?

Yeah, you’re right, but they always screwed up the drawers and stuff would go missing. Like the socks in Atlantis.

So I made some clothes drawer labels for their dressers and even closet doors. That’s all.

Dad blog creates some nifty clothes drawer labels so kids can put their clothes away

Let’s make sure and put all the unpaired socks in this drawer from now on.


If you want to try it yourself, rip off some clip art from the web, or have your kids color up some awesome labels. Laminate them and use some removable double-sided tape to attach them.

And if you are lazy enough to leave clothes sitting around in five laundry baskets, then you could just download the printable clothes drawer labels I made by clicking that giant graphic below.

The labels are free but if you wouldn’t mind making a donation to the site we’d really appreciate it:

Help support the site

Or just download without donating. Our kids love eating crumbs when we work for free.


PS. We realize that people around the world call clothes by different names so we welcome requests and input from our friends across the sea. If someone wants to give us all the names for your neck of the woods we can get these things made by country.


Thanks for coming.

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