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Fixing an Allumawallet with Elmer’s ProBond Advanced™ Glue

The Alumawallet has become the Father’s day gift du jour around here. If you’ve seen the informercial you no doubt have seen a truck run over it and it’s unharmed. I know it’s hard to believe but the infomercial exaggerates slightly. The Alumawallet bends just from sitting on it, and NO, this bend in the “aluminum” is NOT a reflection of the size of my posterior.

Needless to say, to make the thing last a year until I inevitably receive my next one, I need to make some repairs. This was the perfect opportunity to test out the ProBond Advanced™ Glue that Elmer’s sent to me to try.

The fix is no mystery.

Pry off the “aluma-shell” with a putty knife or something thin that will slide in there to work it loose. Just be careful not to tweak it too hard and crease the aluma-shield. Then straighten out all the bends and curves as best you can.

Elmer's ProBond Advanced™ Glue


Scrape and clean the gooey glue substance the best you can. I usually resort to Goo-gone although I hate the citrus smell.



I made a bunch of scores and scrapes on both surfaces to try and give everything something to grip onto. (I made way more than in the photo, I just took the photo a little prematurely.)



I put even coats of the ProBond Advanced inside each clamshell and clamped the crap out of it. (Yes, I smeared it all over, just another premature photo.)



Some might say I used too many clamps. I say the more clamps the better. I clamped this beast for 24 hours to make sure it was was nice and dry before subjecting the glue to daily rump sittage.



SPLOOSH! The Alumawallet is almost as good as new. I say almost because it’s still dented to hell. It’s just not bendy and conformed to the shape of my butt anymore.



Thanks to Elmer’s for giving us the glue to try. They obviously read my “addicted to glue” post and wanted to feed my addiction.

Here are a few details I jacked from their site.

ProBond Advanced™ is strongest, safest multi-surface glue yet! Whether you are gluing metal to wood, or ceramics to concrete, ProBond Advanced will do the job! Bonds metal, glass, ceramics, stone, wood, concrete and more! Light color for a translucent finished that can be easily painted. 100% weatherproof and performance guaranteed! Clean up: soap & water when glue is wet; scrape & sand when glue is dry. Set time: 20-30 minutes Stainable: No

Something they don’t even mention in the above description is that it’s non-expanding, which means it won’t foam up and ooze out all over the place while drying. A nice feature.

Go get some.

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