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FISKARS Gardening & Yard Care Tools

I’ve spent 3 years taming the overgrown, neglected 2-acre lot that came with my house using Fiskars (pronounced “Fis-Cars”) machetes and loppers. I’m a damn pro. I can dismantle saplings and vines before you can say “Jack Robinson”. I don’t even bother with a shovel for roots and junk either. I either use billhooks and axes and go to town or I go into beast-mode use my bare hands to rip them out of the ground.

I’m not kidding. This was my main tool:


Here’s one small example of how I used it:

Part of my yard went from this (notice the machete from above down there by the fence)…


To this…fiskars-backyard-clearing-02

To this… in a summer. All with loppers and a machete, and maybe a chainsaw.fiskars-backyard-clearing-03

We also built that playhouse too, but not with a machete and loppers.

So ANYWAY, Fiskars caught wind of my machete awesomeness and asked if I’d talk about some of their newer gardening & outdoor tools. And that brings us to this exact moment in time.

Since were all caught up, let’s begin with this fine collection of machetes and billhooks that would have made my life a heck of a lot easier.

FISKARS Gardening & Yard Care Tools

Billhook and Billhook Saw. Around $45.

Did I just hear you say, “What’s a Billhook?”

A Billhook, my friend, is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your shed. Now add a saw to the other side and you’ve got the Billhook Saw. They’re for trimming shoots and stems, sawing branches, cutting vines, edging garden beds, and anything else you can come up with. I sometimes use it a lot like a small machete to prune smaller branches from trees, but mostly I use it when I’m pulling up plants or saplings to hack down under roots and yank up from underneath to either cut them or rip them out of the ground. I’ve also been known to use it as a way to drag a pile of ripped out saplings to the road side for pickup.

In action:

If I could have taken better photos than these from their website I would have, but why reinvent the wheel?

FISKARS Billhook Saw - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Billhook Saw - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Billhook Saw - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Billhook Saw - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Billhook - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Billhook Saw - Gardening & Yard Care Tools


Let’s talk Machete Axe. Around $55.

I think we all know what a machete is. A big blade with a handle on it. But Fiskars went a step further and created the Machete Axe and it’s awesome.

FISKARS Machete Axe - Gardening & Yard Care Tools

This beefier, machete with the partial axe blade, curved under blade, and saw teeth on the reverse side make for a very all-in-one yard cleanup machine. And with the big grippy handle I can fully two-handed ninja sword swing this thing for maximum slicing power. If Serena Williams backhanded with it she could probably chop a tree down in one swing, Paul Bunyon style.

In action:

FISKARS Machete Axe - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Machete Axe - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Machete Axe - Gardening & Yard Care Tools FISKARS Machete Axe - Gardening & Yard Care Tools

Loppers. Loppers. Loppers.

I have the 25″ Powergear2 Loppers. Between $30 and $50.

They multiply your power by like 3X and you can crank through branches almost 2-inches thick (Psst. I do way bigger ones by really hunkering down on them and going at the thicker branches from 2 sides and all that but they may not like to hear that. You know, lawyers and warranty stuff probably.).  I’ll give you soft-handed people who hire yard help a tip, if you’re cutting live branches and pruning live bushes with this it’s a snap. If you want to cut a 2-inch thick dead branch you’re probably better off using a saw.


FISKARS powergear2 Loppers - Gardening & Yard Care Tools

OH, I also found a pretty good overview video on the Fiskars Youtube Channel with some nice music for your ears.

Here are more ideas on how to tame your outdoors »

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Now get out there and do some major damage.



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