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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

We’re dads, mostly handsome and we like gifts. So here’s some stuff we actually use, like, and for the most part, guarantee that your dad will think is awesome—handsome or not.

gifts for dad travel mugMightyMug

Is Dad’s coffee so strong that his wussy little travel mug is having a hard time containing it? Put that old mug out to pasture and give it a 10-pumper shot with the BB gun cause this here’s a MightyMug.

Go ahead and bump it with your elbow. Keyboards are scared but Dad isn’t—the MightyMug won’t spill thanks to a built-in airlock.

That’s right. An. Airlock.

Knock it around starting at $20.

dad blog gift guide for fathersKey Smart

Here’s something for EDC (EveryDay Carry). Stop Dad from rattling down the hallway like Schneider’s zip-line keychain carrying cymbals.

The KeySmart is an awesome machined metal key-wallet-thing that is slim and stylish. Models hold like 10 keys, even a USB flash drive is an option.

Get smart starting around $20. Extra points if you know who Schneider is.

Father's Day gift guide man cratesMan Crates

“I think I’ve had enough jerky and beer.”

Said no Dad ever.


Get Dad a ManCrate. It’s a real freaking wooden crate that is filled with barware. Or a kit to carve your own pipe. Or…

Three words. Zombie Annihilation Crate.

Two words. Bass whisperer.

One word. Bacon.

There’s even ammo cans filled with manly survival gear.

Crowbar to open it included, starting around $50.

Mini torch gifts for dadBernzomatic Micro Torch

Is Dad fond of lighting lots of fragrant candles? How is his crème brulee lately? Is there truly a need to light 1000 firecrackers at one time? How many ants can he burn?

If the answers are “umm”, “huh?”, “absolutely” and “never enough”, then get him the Bernzomatic ST2200T Micro Torch. It runs on butane, it’s refillable, it’s got a trigger start and a soldering tip.

Bye-bye burnt fingertips and hello vanilla lavender rainstorm.

Burn a hole in your pocket for about $26.

Kobalt Blower gift for fathers dayKobalt 80-Volt Max Cordless Leaf Blower

Is Dad still getting out the extension cord to blow off the driveway? Don’t tell me he’s mixing 50:1 premix for that gas blower that doesn’t ever start.

Get Dad a cordless blower from Kobalt. With 80Vs, Max Li-ons, 500CFMs and 125 M-P-Hs, battery life is not abbreviated. It’ll run up to 70 minutes and the batteries will fit the other tools in the 80-Volt Kobalt line.

Blow him away for about $250.

father's day bluetooth speaker giftBenQ treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

Is Dad an audio purist? Does he insist on playing records—you know, those big black round things? Well the BenQ treVolo is the first bluetooth speaker he’ll want to plug into the turntable.

If he’s talking about dynamic range, headroom and frequency response all the time, then this audiophile’s bluetooth speaker is speaking the same language. It’ll even add warmth and tone to your often sterile-sounding mp3s thanks to a built-in DSP and two electrostatic speaker panels that fold out like something from a NASA satellite. Plus, it looks slick.

Damn-near perfect sound for about $350.


If these ideas aren’t enough for you, we’ve got plenty of stuff for dad elsewhere on the site.

Oh, and we need you to know we don’t condone unsafe bb-gun shooting, we’re not ragging on Schneider and we don’t want you to burn ants with a torch.

Happy Father’s Day.


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