You think we’re fooling around? We’re not. Enter below for your chance to win a $2,000.00 Gift Card to Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Lowe’s $2000 Gift Card Giveaway Imagine the look on the cashier’s face when you go in for a beveled ballcock shank washer, total out at the register for like $2.15, and the cashier’s eyes bug out when they say, “And your balance is… wait a second… is this right?… your balance is $1,997.85?”. Yeah, you’ll have a big smile on your face. Oops, we mean your dad will have a big smile (yeah, like you’ll give it to your dad, we know your type).

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$2,000 Gift Card to Lowe’s Home Improvement.

How to enter

Leave a comment below. You can leave ONE COMMENT PER DAY. If you comment 7 days, you have 7 entries. Get it? At the end of the contest we’ll export all commenters, scramble them up, randomize them, and choose one.


Giveaway runs from Friday, June 6, 2014 and ends at 12 Midnight, Saturday, June 14th, 2014. On Father’s Day, June 15, 2014 we’ll randomly pick a winner and contact them.


Make sure you use your real email or a way to contact you. Once we notify you you’ll have 24 hours to respond or we’ll pick someone else and you’ll be very upset. See more details in our giveaway policy.



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