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The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 Projector

You can’t convince me that when the phrase “home projector” comes to mind, you don’t immediately jump to thinking how great Back To The Future will look displayed on a 12-foot wall of your home, or an outdoor movie night, but when Epson asked me to figure out an interesting way to use its Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 Projector, I had an idea in mind that could help the everyday homeowner and do-it-yourselfer make design decisions.

This idea stems from it being hard to know how a color, pattern, or finish will look on your walls, because face it, tiny paint chips are never quite enough, and it’s always almost impossible to visualize how that wallpaper pattern will look in your home. Why not make it easy to make design decisions?

Looking for a creative way to use a home projector in home decor?

  • I searched the internet for finishes I liked; cool tiles, nice looking brick, wallpapers, and patterns that one might want for their house.
  • I used an HDMI port to hook up the projector to my laptop, so that I could put my computer screen on the wall.
  • Boom, I could instantly see how different colors and patterns would look in my home. For the purposes of showing you here (and being able to photograph it) I tested it out at dusk.


We’re always toying with the idea of big bold wallpaper patterns, but patterns can be scary, and wallpaper of any kind is a big commitment, especially when you’re the one doing the hanging. With the projector, I was able to display a pattern onto the wall to see how it would scale, and how it might look with some of our furnishings.



My home has a blue flagstone fireplace from the 50s that I have no intention of refinishing, but just imagine if you were in the situation of starting on a blank slate, and you wanted to see how a brick fireplace might look in a room of your home. The brick graphic I used was so crisp and was so compelling through the hi-res projector that it actually looked real. This is authentically awesome, not photoshopped, by the way.

Fireplace with brick projection.


I bought a giant abstract print from Jaime Derringer to hang in our home, but I’m not quite sure yet where to put it. I know its size, so I projected a photo of it, and using the lens in the projector to zoom in and out, made the image the right size. This angle also helps to demonstrate a simple set up, how I hooked the computer up to the projector with an HDMI cord, and then held the projector to position the display on the wall.

Projecting artwork on the wall.

Projecting artwork on the wall.

I loved the projector for this use. It was so easy to stand in one part of the room and point the projector at different walls to see the artwork in place rather than lugging a framed picture all around. Plus the projector has automatic keystone correction to help make the image the proper dimension. So cool.

EpsonPowerLiteHomeCinema2000Since I had some fun projecting different patterns up on the wall I put together some background textures for you to download and use in case you want to play along:

Brick Pattern Download

Subway Tile Download

Mexican Tile Download

Have fun.

DISCLAIMER: I partnered with Epson to write about the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 Projector and come up with a unique way to use the projector.

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