Do you wrap the gifts from Santa? Or are they just out there in the morning, like BLAM! SANTA!

Much of it is about creating a sense of magic. The way I think my parents did it was you write the letter to santa and ask for ONE THING (not 50 things). And in the morning when you come out to the tree that thing is MAGICALLY there. BLAM! SANTA! How magical is THAT? He came and delivered the thing you wanted.

He’s Santa, he doesn’t have time to wrap gifts, right?

Of course there’s the other side.

Santa’s gifts are wrapped but they are in special paper that the kid never sees, and in handwriting the kid doesn’t recognize. And, everytime you see the sleigh being loaded in the Christmas cartoons, the presents are wrapped.

Unless it’s a ball or something. ‘Cause they’re hard to wrap—even for your perfectionist wife or girlfriend. Or elf.

The other other side

Hanukkah. I have to admit I don’t know much about what’s written in the Shulkhan Arukh, but are your gifts wrapped?


I’m a dad that’s trying to solidify a Christmas tradition and I have to admit I’m a little torn. I THINK I’m a fan of Santa’s one gift sitting there unwrapped but I can be swayed.

Please help.


Thanks for coming.

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