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DIY Sawhorses

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Overdesigned and undervalued. —->

I started working on the countertops for Project Popup and quickly realized I needed another work surface.

I’m fortunate enough to have about 1000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, but it’s jammed with half of my tools (the automotive toolboxes), my ’56 Ford, Project Popup, a paint booth, and all of the extra furniture we own.

That leaves little space for woodworking, and I don’t want sawdust everywhere over there.

So my setup at home consists of an 8’ x 16’ workshop I built, which is hardly large enough for my tablesaw, planer, bandsaw…blah blah all my woodworking stuff. Plus throw some auto parts in there, house paint, my ‘home’ toolboxes…well you get the picture.

I’m working outside.

But that’s okay most of the time. It only sucks when it suddenly rains, or when I have to put everything away for the night, then lug it out again to pick up where I left off.

So…again…I’m outside, about to cut up some particle board to make the countertops for the popup camper and I have nowhere large enough to work.

I had some stainless steel ‘outside’ workbenches, but they were moved to the warehouse. Currently I have two puny sawhorses with some extra 2x4s I salvaged from a temporary room I had built in the house.

Well, all those 2x4s would make some nice sawhorses I could set a piece of plywood on and get to doing the real work.

So my afternoon was diverted into doing work to do more work.

Hey, if you are a new homeowner, and plan on doing any type of work to your home, sawhorses are right up there with the basics: hammer, drill, saw….

So get to makin’ some.

I created some sawhorse plans with a cut list, which you can download below. I have some photos below to help with the assembly, but by no means a step-by-step. And I don’t claim to be the originator of this design, you can search and find them all over—but noone will have slick-a**-designed plans like

With that said, if you have a few 2x4s, know how to cut them and use a screwgun, then you’ll have some sawhorses.

Building sawhorses DIY using speed square to cut

Start by cutting all your wood first. Measure twice, cut once. And use a speed square to make nice straight cuts


Form the spine of your sawhorse

Let’s work top to bottom. Assemble the spine of the sawhorse first. Center a 40” long piece of lumber on top of another to form an upside-down “T”.


Side view of the sawhorse spine.


Use some 3" screws to build your sawhorse.

I shot about 5 screws to hold this together. (red arrows) I think they were 2.5” long coarse thread drywall screws. You can use better, more expensive deck screws if the sawhorses are going to sit outside forever.


Attach legs to your sawhorse.

Let’s attach the 36” legs next. I measured 1.25” down and 1.5” in on all for corners of the spine to locate the legs. Use a carpenter’s square to get them plumb. I shot one screw to locate the corner of the leg, then I could pivot the leg to get it square. Use four screws for each leg. Refer to the sawhorse plans you can download below for screw locations, or just look at the next photo.


Here’s a side shot to show you construction. Arrows indicate direction I shot screws.


After adding the legs, you should have a wonky sawhorse. To further challenge my carpentry skills, I chose to build them on uneven ground. You’d do best building them on a nice stable concrete slab like a driveway or something. Now, let’s add some bracing.


Finished sawhorses built from sawhorse plans

What, the finished shot already? Yeah, but it shows the bracing. I put some 2×4 scrap pieces on the sides, and found a length of 1×6 PT that I used for front/back braces.

Download Sawhorse Plans

Overdesigned and undervalued.

Get the plans

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