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DIY Holiday Decor Ideas

Step up your decorating game with these holiday decor ideas.

We put together a few of our favorite holiday decorating ideas from Lowe’s. “Curated” I think is the fancy term that bloggers are supposed to use. Some of the decorations are straight up available for purchase, some of them are DIY ideas, all of them are good.

Let me see the DIY ideas  |  Just show me stuff I can buy, DIY boy


Let’s begin with some cool DIY ideas.

Almost all of these ideas can be done in a few hours for around $20. Imagine the pride you’ll feel when your holiday guests are amazed at your decorations, like in a TV commercial when the guests can’t believe you actually made some kind of dip and thought it was store bought.

Decorative DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

Lowe's Decorative Tabletop Christmas Trees

I saw some of these ideas in person when we were down at Lowe’s HQ in November. These are all easy to make and would add a nice touch to any mantle, especially because you can make them in any size to fit your space.

I’m particularly fond of the sandpaper tree and the sculpted caulk tree (click images to enlarge):

Lowe's Decorative DIY Tabletop Sandpaper Christmas Trees Lowe's Decorative DIY Tabletop Finial Christmas Trees Lowe's Decorative DIY Tabletop Wood Cutout Christmas Trees Lowe's Decorative DIY Tabletop Wrapped Christmas Trees Lowe's Decorative DIY Tabletop Spire Christmas Trees Lowe's Decorative DIY Tabletop Sculpted Caulk Christmas Trees

Visit for tutorials on how to make any of the DIY tabletop trees.


Clever DIY wreaths

You can really get crazy and make a wreath out of anything that fits your home decor. Usually all spring I pull grape vines out of all my trees and wind them up into wreaths that will dry out over the summer and turn into outdoor decorations. My wife, Emily, makes wreaths out of all kinds of stuff (even driftwood for the house by the beach). If you don’t have vines to rip down or driftwood you can always try one of these clever DIY Wreath ideas from Lowe’s (click images to enlarge).

Lowe's DIY Belt Wreath Lowe's DIY Coffee Filter Wreath Lowe's DIY Dowel Wreath Lowe's DIY Snowflake Dowel Wreath Lowe's DIYMonkey Wrapped  Wreath Lowe's DIY Poinsettia Wreath Lowe's DIY PVC Pipe Wreath Lowe's DIY Ribbon Wreath Lowe's DIY Shim Wreath Lowe's DIY Wood Slat Wreath Lowe's DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath

Visit for tutorials on how to make any of the DIY wreaths.


Ornament Ideas

Heck, there’s even a lot you can do with just plain old ornaments and everyday items that make any table, mantle, or hearth look great.


Before we move on, I thought I’d share the Lowe’s Youtube channel for more DIY videos and ideas.


Holiday Collections.

Hmm, seems that you’re in the “I Don’t DO DIY” camp, there are some great ways to match the decor of your house or your style by browsing the different collections that Lowe’s has curated. Personally I’m a fan of the Nordic Noel. The full collections can be found here.

Lowe's Holiday Collection - allen + roth Lowe's Holiday Collection - Nordic Noel Lowe's Holiday Collection - Holiday Lodge Lowe's Holiday Collection - Christmas Classic


Holiday Scenes

I remember growing up that some of my favorite things around the holidays were the Christmas villages that people would have set up somewhere in the house. I know my daughter loves sitting and watching mini ice skaters dancing around in circles on the ice, or looking through a tiny window of a miniature barn at the village’s holiday dance, or just watching the people in the town square. Sometimes the tradition of gathering a piece of your village every year makes for a collection your kids can enjoy for the weeks leading up to the holidays. View all Lowe’s Collectibles and Figurines.

Bring the outdoors in.

There’s no reason you can’t get outdoor light up decorations and put them in a corner of the room and let them stare at you all day. It can be a fun addition to your decor. There are no rules in decorating.




It’s all just about having fun and choosing the right items that fit your style. There’s no right and wrong when it comes to bringing your decorating ideas to life. And it’s NOT a competition with the neighbors. And I can’t believe I made it through the whole article without referencing Clark Griswold a single time.

Happy Holidays!




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